What’s art gotta do with it? A blog post on advocacy.

On December 12th, MR. Juarez had the opportunity to talk to the north community partnership team about art education at north high and how it contributes to our school culture. 

Misconception 1:

A common inquiry that exists among the art classroom.  

response: Inside the art classroom, we are engaged in the creative process on a daily basis. students are doing preliminary sketches, interpreting the project to fit their vision, experimenting witn techniques and media, and so on.

Misconception 2:

Response: Art can be a hobby. There are a lot of people who work in non-art related fields. participating in the creative process is a life long experience and can do the mind, body, and soul good.

STORY: Emily took art as a freshman at Sheboygan North High School. Every year Mr. Juarez would ask her if she is going to take art the following year because he saw something special happening. She would say that it all depends on her schedule. she took art her Sophomore year. This conversation was revisited every school year with the same outcome.

When she graduated from Sheboygan north high school, her career goal was to major in political science. Today, she is a MFA Candidate at uw-madison.

A student never knows how much of an impact art has on his/her life until they graduate from high school.

Misconception 3:

In today’s workforce, there is an equal playing field for finding a job in a career that is of interest. For every open position, there may be hundreds of applicants.

Mr. Juarez googled jobs in the creative field in Wisconsin and this is what popped up. Looks like plenty of opportunities.

SOURCE: http://www.artswisconsin.org/programsservices/artsjobs/

Every high school course addresses BLoom’s taxonomy and 21st century learner outcomes. In the same fashion as what exists within the art classroom, the outcome will vary from student to student. Resulting in each student becoming a well-rounded learner.

At SHeboygan North High School, we offer 15 different courses ranging from art foundations 1 to ap studio art. Every student that takes art as a freshman goes through two year of foundations, which helps them build a better understanding of creating, analyzing, and interpreting art. In addition to these course, we offer a variety of art programs aimed to expose, educate, and engage students in the world of art at the local, state, and regional level.

art education’s reach goes far beyond the creative process. it is about seeing, understanding, and making sense of the world that we live in. It is about sharing our ideas, learning to fail, working with people who have different perspectives, contributing our skills to solve a problem, being innovative with fresh ideas, and to be in tune who who we are.

yes, art exists everywhere. however, through art we are able to make our world a better place to live for all of us.


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