Art Series

Sheboygan North High Art Department is pleased to announce the launch of its Skype Session Series. This series is designed to offer our art students the opportunity to interact with artists from across the globe via Skype. Topics range from online critiques to Q & A about the creative process, or simply to talk ‘art shop’.

In addition, we kick off our annual Artist Lecture Series. In this series, we invite local artists to share with our students their journey into the world of art. Presentations can range form a PowerPoint presentation to demonstrations and workshop to critiques.

coming this Fall

November 5, Period 3

November 15, Period 3

Rafael Francisco Salas’s artwork reflects on American culture and identity. It speaks to our indignant desire for a dream continually just beyond reach. It is a strange, rural poetry of aspiration and poignant reality, a striver’s endeavor of high and low culture, situated between the elevated and the abject.

Country music is the appropriate soundtrack.