About the NHS Artist in Residency Program

The Sheboygan North High Art Department created the NHS Artist in Residency Program (NHS AiR) in the fall of 2014. This program is designed to expose, educate and engage the North High community to local and regional artists each semester during the current academic school year. Our artist in residence works with our staff and students for one semester (18 weeks). The AiR program is currently in its fourth year. 

The goals of the NHS Artist-in-Residence (AiR) Program are:

  • to expand the experience of each student in the field of the arts,
  • foster creativity, enrich education in any given subject,
  • to present staff members with new ideas and options for instruction.

To date we have hosted the following artists:

  • SP 2021 – Justin Thao, Origami (Sheboygan)
  • FA 2020 – Jeanette Clawson, collage (Sheboygan)
  • SP2019 – Craig Grabhorn, printmaker & sculptor (Sheboygan)
  • FA2018 – Kim Nugent, artist books (Fredonia)
  • SP2018 – Eileen Urness, sculptor (Cedar Grove)
  • FA2017 – Patty Aker, painter (Cleveland)
  • SP2017 – Cooper Diers, painter/musician (Sheboygan)
  • FA2016 – Erica Huntzinger, painter/mixed media artist (Sheboygan)
  • SP2016 – Marty Carney, painter (Sheboygan)
  • FA2015- Liz Ann Lange, painter (Sheboygan)
  • SP2015 – Sara Willadsen, collage artist (Sheboygan Falls)
  • FA2014 – Mel Kolstad, mixed media artist (Fond du Lac))

Click here to download our AiR PDF 

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