Angela Johnson

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Angela Johnson is a professional artist, creativity coach and educator based in Madison, Wisconsin.  She earned a master’s in Art Education, an MA in Art and an MFA with a focus in photography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Angela is a fixture in the Wisconsin arts scene, with 20+ years of experience maintaining public art studios, teaching workshops, facilitating programs, leading public art installations, and lecturing at universities. She has worked in museums, elementary schools, senior centers, colleges, and universities. She has inspired and helped people of every age — from toddlers to 95-year-olds — reaching far into the depths of their imagination to discover and channel their creativity. She also teaches workshops on mindfulness and yoga.

Artist Statement

I approach my photographic practice with curiosity and a sense of exploration. I often consider it a form of meditation. I incorporate digital as well as darkroom practices, and am drawn to alternative processes like cyanotypes, encaustic hand-colored images and alcohol transfers. Often my images become part of a book, box or larger installation.

Themes that often present themselves in my work are the natural world, patterns and repetition, family, storytelling and the idea of home. Using both macro and wide-angle lenses (literally and figuratively), I work to capture tiny details as well as vast landscapes within my work that allow the viewer to create meaning from the work for themselves.

areas of artistic expertise

  • Art Journaling
  • Alternative photo processes
  • Digital photography
  • Darkroom photography 
  • Installation art
  • Bookmaking 
  • Box making

Image: Gratitude Journals, davy board, decorative paper, watercolors
3.25”l, 2.5”w, .5”h, 2021

Angela will be available virtually on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9am – 1pm. To schedule a visit, please contact her below.

Her residency will run from October 1, 2021 through January 20, 2022.


Angela is working currently with Mr. Stauber Soik and his Senior Honors Humanities class. So far she has joined the class 3 times and will continue to on Tuesday and Thursday from 9-9:40am for the foreseeable future.

Students are doing a unit on Western Civ and reading a book called Feed by MT. Anderson.

She has been participating in class discussions and posing questions from an artistic and in cases of social media (and as a photographer) from a photographic point of view.

One question she posed after students viewed a Frontline video on social media is: 

“What does it mean to like something on social media?”

” How often do you like something and move on, never to think of it again?”

When she used to teach both digital and darkroom courses to undergrads at UW-Madison we banned the use of the word like during critiques.

Saying I like an image, what does that even mean? We focused on elements and principles of art and worked to expand our vocabulary beyond the word like.

Possible projects for this unit at the completion of reading the book mentioned are: 

  • timelines (in the gallery below is an image of an accordion style book that has been watercolor textured with a bronze paint). The small gratitude journals she makes could work for this unit as well).
  • a small box (similar to the legacy boxes she makes to memorialize a person or event) this would be scaled down for a virtual classroom setting. Her boxes take 5 hours to complete. This box could be done within a class period or two.
  • distilling down an image or images to a coloring book form.

During the scheduled time Angela is not meeting with this class she is working on her own studio practice and projects in her studio. These include: bookmaking, encaustic work, and sewing on images.