Erica Huntzinger


Final thoughts

This video is about Erica Huntzinger, our FA2016 Artist in Residence. She talks about her experiences as our artist in residence at North High, ways in which she grew as an artist, benefits she sees from providing this art program to the North High community, and her final thoughts being our Fall 2016 artist in residence.

Running Time: 13:06


Happy New Year 2017 all!  My residency is winding down and there is still so much to do and create.  It has been an incredibly rich and wonderful time being here. Posted below are some of the current things going on…

This is an image of the large mural we have been working on with Beth and her students. They have finished stage 2, watercolor painting over their drawing. This will be their creation of a winter scene for their large bulletin board in the basement.  Stage 3 to come next week….snow.







The clay work done by several students in now finally out of the kiln and ready to be glazed for their final firing.  You are able to see the detail and objects they impressed into the clay. Stay tuned











Updates on some of the other projects: the postcard project didn’t get off the ground but it is a good idea for possibilities in the future. The elevator proved to be too difficult and late in beginning to tackle.  However, there is a very special project connecting 2 of the classes with students who have extra needs with some of the engineering students. Photos and explanations to come soon… very exciting. The Honors Humanities class with Mr. Soik are working on ArtPlosion final visual art piece to tie together some of the big ideas they discovered in reading and talking with each other. There will be an end of the year book that documents some of their creations, documentations and finds.

My exhibition in up in the NHSARTifacts Gallery on the 2nd floor. There are 18 wooden paintings with an artist statement about the work. There will be a reception this Thursday from 3:45 – 5:00p. Please join us. img_0804img_0802





Scrap wood cut by students in the wood shop in the basement.

Updates: 1.Still waiting to hear about the elevator project, whether it can go forth and just how.  (crossing fingers)  2. Pen Pal Postcard Project is just about ready for lift off…

While experimenting and playing with different materials, I found an old wooden box I used with clay to make clay paintings with. I put objects in the bottom of the boxes, pressed clay into it and up the sides. When dry enough, I could pop the leather hard clay pieces out of the box form and have this clay impressed work. Here are 2 examples of ones I created here.


It occurred to me that these pieces might be a wonderful individual project to work on with students of any ability.  So I decided to build more boxes so I can have more than 2 students work at a time.  I asked the woodshop that creates bed frames if I could use their scrap wood and if they were able to cut pieces for me.  They agreed and I was able to construct 4 boxes.

While gluing them together I found I had extra scrap pieces I could play with to construct another box like format wall hanging piece. So I thought about composition and form, reflecting on my own work, the state of the country in its anxieties on election day, and the artist Louis Nevelson.  I’d like to explore this more.

…  here are the first 4 pieces I created:


Now I have to make more boxes for students to use.

I did ask 2 students to start the project with me.  I asked them to choose objects that had symbolic meaning to them or they responded to. I then asked them to place them in the bottom of the boxed container and press clay over the top of them and up the sides. It took about 20-30 minutes to complete all the while talking and sharing ideas. This project can be amended for students who may not want to get their hands dirty or we can amend the length of time.

here are some images of their work below:



Here are the impressions made and the objects used for the project by one of the students. She came in this morning to see how the piece turned out. Next step, let dry thoroughly, bake in the kiln, glaze with color and hang for the show in January.

I hope to include at least 15-20 more students, so if you have any ideas or would like to share this idea in hopes that they may come find me to also create one, please do.

I’m here Tuesdays all day and Thursday mornings.

Be well and follow your heart.

Erica Huntzinger, AIR (Artist In Residence)


It has been really wonderful being a part of the Sheboygan North High School culture.  Everyone has been very kind, curious and interested in making connections, that includes students as well as staff.  It’s a great group. It’s your Friday today as tomorrow you have a break to catch up and breathe. Here is a snippet of some of the projects I’m currently engaged in.


I’m working with the honors Humanities Class with Mr. Soik and his fabulous group.  I’m trying to keep up with their reading and assist them with materials, ideas, connections as well as listen to their ideas and understandings. I gave them a pp presentation of my work earlier this month and am helping to aid with art projects to help support creative thinking, collaboration and connections.


There is a project beginning in the library during lunchtime. It is a Postcard Penpal Project with 4th graders at Longfellow school. Students are encouraged to choose a pen pal name, create a piece of art on one side and write/ask questions on the other, sign their name and wait for a response. The finished postcards will be delivered by me to the Longfellow class and they will respond. I think this is a great way to connect North and South, widening our community connection generationally, and having fun using art and literacy as a base.

I’m hoping to redesign the elevator! yep! A fresh coat of paint and art created by the students who have special needs. These students are primarily the ones using the elevator, so naturally they should showcase their unique work. Stay tuned…still trying to negotiate the logistics. I have a great idea planned. I’ll let you know. BTW, There are so many wonderful painted murals all over the school. I really love the little guy outside my door..  do pop in to say hi when you have a chance; Tuesdays all day & Thursday mornings.


While here I have been experimenting with materials and work to develop different visions of my artwork.  Here are some examples of the work I’ve been creating ……..all WIP

img_0657those shapes drawn in chalk on the boards are desk tops students use, that were being refurbished.  I traced it as I responded to the size, shape and its intended use.

img_0649printmaking and painting experiments in design, shape and burgeoning ideas


img_0650Working in clay provides another avenue of material for me to create paintings




I’ve been going to The Art Club Tuesday afternoons and working alongside the students. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend. Thanks Frank!

More updates soon.

Have a wonderful extended weekend.  Erica Huntzinger, AIR