Jeanette Clawson

Jeanette Clawson makes art as a form of therapy and meditation. Hopefully her art can be therapeutic and provide an object of meditation for viewers. Some of her art has a social justice component, but mostly she works to create more peace and beauty in the world through non-representational images. She tries to reuse as much as possible in her art and work extensively with altered books. Some of her 2-dimensional art includes some up-cycled papers and she has a collection of altered art books. Jeanette is a Certified Zentangle® Teacher and loves to share the beauty and meditative benefits of this drawing method. She also enjoys drawing coloring pages that she sells in her Etsy shop.


Jeanette is new to Sheboygan, but she has lived in Wisconsin off and on since childhood. Most recently her husband, 2 cats, and she lived in New Jersey for about 3 years. Prior to that they raised two adopted boys in Beaver Dam, WI. In high school and college she participated in several study abroad programs; living in Bolivia, Ecuador, and China. Her husband and she met in Taiwan where she was studying Chinese and were both teaching English. They were married and lived in Utah for about 10 years. Her undergraduate degree was at Beloit College in Modern Languages and Literature, Chinese and Spanish. She took a lot of art classes as an undergraduate and have continued to take classes when possible. Her master’s degree is in school psychology, which she practiced for almost 5 years before health problems forced her to step down. Art had been a hobby but with her health problems it became an important part of how she lives her best life. She started an art journal blog in 2013 that led to teaching art journaling classes. As the coloring movement was growing she was frustrated to be unable to find coloring pages on good quality paper so she made her own and started her Esty shop. As her health has improved she has been working more extensively as an artist and art teacher.


Jeanette will be at North High on Mondays from 8am-3pm and Thursdays from 8am – 11am. She is located in the old Health Room on the first floor.

To request a visit from Jeanette, please email her at or fill out the form below. In the Message box indicate subject and room number. Thank you.



It has been a creative week at North High School. I have been busy making painted/collaged papers for the students and I to use in our collages. I have lots of book pages to choose from. I also bring in maps, deli paper, tissue paper both to decorate painted papers and to use in collages. The papers have been very popular with the students so I made another batch.

Monday two Spanish classes made paper monuments to recognize people or pets who have died. This is what sugar sculls are made for; recognizing people who are missed on the Day of the Dead. We had a lot of materials for the students to choose from, including books, magazines, newspapers. I brought a selection of my painted papers. Ms. Flinn also provided markers and colored pencils, a selection of drawings of human skulls, dogs and cats. Some of the students had a hard time selecting a subject for their memorial. This was why we included pets or people still living who is family or a role model.

I Have been working on the altered book I’m making as my donation to the school. I’ve started a piece that I’m thinking will be a magnolia mandala. I want to add lots of rich layers of color and textures. I have started getting a few layers done on the background and I have some ideas of other directions it might go. I will keep working on it to see where it goes.


Hello all, 

I’m Jeanette and I have met so many wonderful people here at North High School. When I first met the librarians, I was so excited! They had culled their books, but had not yet gotten rid of the books they don’t want any more. As an altered book artist this is like finding diamonds in the cookie jar. I spent a lot of time sorting through all of those books to decide which to keep to make altered books, which to keep to use in art, and books that I don’t want for either purpose. Now I have a lot of raw materials in my studio.

Working with Frank Juarez has been great. I am really enjoying being the artist in residence here at North High School. You guys have been keeping me busy with exciting projects. Sorry it has taken me so long to update you. I hope to do better with this part in the future. I have met with quite a few teachers and we have lots of projects in progress. Kristin Flynn asked me for fresh ideas for recognizing the Mexican practice of sugar skulls for the Day of the Dead. I have everything ready for a project with 2 sessions of Spanish class on November 4. You will get to see those pictures in my next post.

I have started working with Mamie Behrens and some of the students in the special education programs. We worked on some process art with a variety of media. There were students who really were enthusiastic about this way to express feeling and some who weren’t as comfortable. They all made an effort to use the process and I hope it is helpful for them in the future.

Process painting 

The Honors Humanities classes, taught by Chad Soik, just made collages to express the themes of the book Feed by M. T. Anderson. They were fortunate to have a visit from the author. It was interesting to see how they work with a book. We’re making pages to go into altered books as artifacts for their classroom.

Feed collages

Cody Farvour asked for my assistance on the Hero’s Journey project in her Mythology class. My first thought was to make it into a graphic novel. The student’s have exciting ideas and more technology about this than I ever imagined. I did my sample with some old school literal cut and paste. The students are planning on using a variety of methods to create their images to go with the text of their books. We will bind the books at the end.

Heros Journey

I am also working on a few pieces of my own in my time here. The main one is an altered book documenting my experience here at NHS. I’m excited with how this is progressing. I’m also working on a few other pieces that have been inspired by the work I’m observing and all the materials from the library. 

Photos of my altered book

I hope you have a beautiful day, until we meet again.