NHS Artist Lecture Series presents Melissa Dorn Richards

Yesterday, our 3rd visiting artist was Melissa Dorn Richards, an oil painter from Milwaukee. She finds ideas and inspiration from everyday objects that we often overlook on a daily basis or take for granted. Her application, limited use of color and chosen imagery delivers a powerful visual impact on what truly is seen as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Melissa talking about one of her paintings

Her Artist Statement:

Sometimes it is an object that catches my eye; at other times, it is a pattern. I take that object or pattern out of context, removing the extraneous, and re-present it to you to again consider and examine. I am intent on capturing and focusing your attention on that “thing” that has caught my eye by using bold color and employing lines or shapes to control and add impact.

It is the exploration of color and shape that I am most interested in. Organic shapes are the most appealing to me because they are often slightly asymmetrical, which works within the context of how I use line. The line, or outline, in my work is never perfect, the thickness of the line varies as it follows the shape creating an even more asymmetrical form.

There is rarely angst in my work, more likely you’ll find a veiled sense of humor and a certain pleasure in their simplicity.

Visit her at www.melissadornrichards.com to learn more about Melissa and to see more work.

– NHS Art Department