What does a doodle say about you?

The Art Foundations 2 and Senior Art 2 students created a series of drawing/paintings using a single line, color, pattern, and value. Students were to explore a defined space with their pencil resulting in various organic shapes filled with color, pattern, and design. Below are the final results of this project. 

All drawings are 11″x14″, colored pencil and paint on paper, 2015. 

The Power of Art: Hmong Leadership Council spring formal mural

Mr. Miller always finds ways to incorporate art into the programming of the Hmong Leadership Council. Below is a great example of what transpired during a spring formal at North High School. Thank you for sharing, Mr. Miller. 

A note from Mr. Miller, Hmong Leadership Council advisor

I thought you might like to see some of the art from our spring formal: Bangkok fading into a lotus lagoon, bamboo, and a lake by the jungle. Senior, Savannah B. was the lead artist and important  contributions were made by Paris H (’14) and Sophomore, Lilly K. About 30-40 students worked on the murals. I finally confronted my blending phobia and am proud of what I was able to do with Paris on the water and beach areas!

Thanks for always letting me share this work with you.


Photo courtesy of Mr. Miller



Photo courtesy of Mr. Miller



Photo courtesy of Mr. Miller