About Mr. Frank Juarez  

Work: 1-920-459-3613

Email/School: fjuarez(at)sasd(dot)net

Employment: Sheboygan Area School District, 2001-present

School: North High School, Sheboygan, WI

Teaching Level: High School, Grades 9-12

Courses Taught: Art Foundations 1/2, Senior Art 1/2, Art Foundations 3/4, Drawing Intensive, Drawing/Painting I+II/Honors, Art Portfolio, and A.P. Studio Art

Mr. Juarez earned his Masters in Educational Leadership from Marian College,  teaching certificate and Bachelor of Science in Commercial Art from Carroll College.He has taught art at Riverview Academy (2001-2006), and is currently the art department chair at Sheboygan North High School. 

Mr. Juarez manages the infrastructure and strategic plan for Sheboygan North High School’s art department. The department’s mission, written in collaboration with students, is to create and nurture a learning environment that stimulates risk-taking, originality, and collaboration through the use of 21st Century skills in both studio practice and communication. The Sheboygan North’s art program instills in students confidence, understanding, and focus to pursue post-secondary education. Students also gain opportunities for self-discovery and self-expression and become caring, goal-driven young adults who give back to the community while also developing critical thinking and problem-solving.

About Antoinette Mattern

Work: 1-920-803-7702

Email/School: amattern(at)sasd(dot)net

Employment: Sheboygan Area School District

Schools: Central High School/North High School, Sheboygan, WI

Teaching Level: High School, Grades 9-12

Courses Taught: Art Foundations 1/2, Art Foundations 3/4

About: Antoinette Mattern

Mrs. Mattern, lives in Sheboygan with her husband and two children. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UW-Madison. She has a varied career history, which includes work as a counselor and as an activity director for the elderly, as well as a stint at having her own neon art & sign company. She fulfilled her life-long ambition to teach art by earning certification in art education from Silver Lake College in 2005. Mrs. Mattern spent part of her student teaching assignment at North. She worked as a long-term substitute at North for a month, had more substituting jobs for the Sheboygan Area School District, and then was hired in January to be a full-time teacher for SASD Alternative Programs. She has been the art teacher for students in the STRIVE, TAPP, WAVE and Riverview, now Central high School. In the past few years, Mrs. Mattern’s placement has shifted to include elementary and middle school as well. Last year she had students of all ages from kindergarteners to seniors.

Mrs. Mattern is passionate about teaching and sharing art experiences with people of all ages and abilities. She says that she finds conversations with high school students to be ”delightful and insightful.” In 2011 she was chosen as the Outstanding Art Educator – Secondary Division by the Wisconsin Art Educators’ Association for her work with at-risk youth and curriculum development for alternative programs.

As an artist, Mrs. Mattern enjoys working with most art media, including glass, ceramics, and fibers. Her favorite method of creative expression is oil painting. She is currently working with the challenges of painting  portraits to convey  her subjects’ personalities as well as their status in the 21st century.  She believes in bringing to prominence the beauty possessed by each individual.



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