USPS Large Scale Postage Stamps

Drawing Intensive students are wrapping up their unit on their large scale postage stamps, which will be on exhibit at the Sheboygan Post Office next month. This display will run from November 15, 2013 through January 15, 2014. Students were encouraged to develop their own theme and to use 3 out of the 9 colored pencil techniques demonstrated by the teacher. Here are the results. 

Art Foundations 1 | Intro to 2-Point Perspective

The Art Foundations 1 students are finally put to the test in drawing North High in 2-point perspective. We spent about a week and half going over key terms, demonstration on 1-point perspective, critique session, a little quizzing on comprehension, and then a demonstration via the Smartboard for 2-point perspective. 

So far, they seem to be doing pretty well. Did I mention that we are outside??? Drawing from real life is the best way to illustrate what you see versus what you know. 

Here are some photos from today. 

Mikado Backdrop Coming to an End

These past three weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement and trying to get all Drawing/Painting I students to contribute to this unique experience of painting the backdrop for North’s upcoming play, “Mikado”.  We had our obstacles as you can see from the photos below. 

Students were asked to break into groups or work alone to come up with a design that best represented this play (based on an initial sketch from Mr. Johnson). To work on an idea when it is not yours can be a challenge and the effort can be minimal. However, these students welcomed the opportunity to work on a large-scale painting and worked well in a group setting. 

This marks our 4th project working with Mr. Johnson. 

Here are some photos documenting the process.