AiR | Artist-in-Residence Update

Over the last week, Marty Carney, 2016 Spring Semester Artist-in-Residence has finished a large painting in his studio (room 17) entitled: “Undone (After Wright and Schmalz).” (See below).




Then after finishing this work, with Mr. Juarez’ help, Marty has hung the five paintings which he has created during his time at North High School in the 2nd floor Art Gallery. There will be a public reception on Thursday, June 2, 2016, 3.45-5.00pm.



Finally, Marty has met with Mr. Soik’s Honors Humanities class this past week to begin brainstorming with them the final ArtPlosion creativity event which will begin next Tuesday, May 24th.  After the brainstorming, Marty has been collecting various objects and supplies for the art project.

Art supplies


AP Studio Art Portfolios 2016

This school year, 2015-2016, two NHS art students worked on their AP Studio Art portfolios. Both students communicated their intent through varied media such as collage, markers, paint, and artistic vision. These works are on display in the Lower Level from May 18 – June 1, 2016. 

The students arrive in AP Studio Art with a solid foundation in the arts and with breadth pieces of art completed from which to choose. Since AP students have had substantial experience in direct formal art making instruction, the AP class instruction is structured more like a college-level, independent study course where the student and instructor confer to identify an area of concentration for further development based on the student’s strengths, skills, and interests, for example, portraiture, landscapes, abstractions, illustration, and so forth.


I am a senior at North High School. I am currently in AP Studio Art and my studio works consists of photographs I captured in the past few years that have a special meaning to me. My artwork tends to focus on nature, and with each body of work, I strive to communicate a variety of emotions to put together a unique portfolio. I used a method called Zentangle to focus specifically on the movement in each piece. I emphasized this element through the use of vibrant lines and the use of value and contrast. Through the different shades and textures, I wanted to tell a different story of my life through the emotions each piece portrayed. Each artwork is a building block that represents a part of my life and what makes me unique as a person.  



The inspiration for most of the pieces comes from fairytales. My intention was to take a happy fairytale and distort it in a way that gives it a different or darker meaning.  The overall feeling of each piece leaves the viewer to feel uneasy and a sense of mystery and also a desire to figure out what each piece means. These pieces all hold a story behind them, creating an even deeper meaning.  I experimented with acrylics and collage and even a combination of the two. I feel as though collage creates a deeper contrast and help the viewer form a more solid idea of the work. I also included one piece that does not fit the fairytale theme, “Even The Mountains Have a Song,” for fun and to display that in the midst of creating one theme, random pieces art can create themselves without any intention of them being there.

NHS AiR Reception for Marty Carney, Spring Semester 2016

You are invited to check out what Marty has been up to this Spring semester. In addition to working with several NHS teachers, staff, and students he also created his very own paintings. 

marty reception

Marty writes, “This exhibit expresses various encounters and experiences that I’ve had during the Spring 2016 Semester as AiR | Artist in Residence at Sheboygan North High School.  I’ve enjoyed this wonderful adventure of experiencing Sheboygan spirit in different ways from the perspectives of the young adults and their teachers in our community”.

“Whether in Art Club after school with Mr. Juarez and Ms. Mattern, interacting with Mr. Soik and his Honors Humanities Class, or creating my own artwork, it has been a memorable privilege.  I am grateful to Mr. Juarez for making this opportunity possible”.


2016 Art Competition at UW-Sheboygan Fine Arts Gallery

The UW-Sheboygan Art Exhibition runs until May 27, 2016.

UW-Sheboygan is located at One University Drive in Sheboygan. 



Congratulations to the following art students. They have earned a placement award. They are:

Seth S – 1st place graphic design
Hannah T – 2nd place in painting
Natalie M – 2nd place in painting
Brooklyn L – 1st place in painting
Talya T – third place illustration 
Ashley W – 1st place illustration 
Mikayla M – UW-S Scholarship 



EXPO recap

The art department participated in the 2016 EXPO. Once again we offered face painting and a nice collection of student artwork. Such a fab evening to be a Raider!!!

A huge thanks to our student artists and art teacher, Mrs. Mattern for making this evening special. 

AiR | Artist-in-Residence Update

Over the past week, North High School artist-in-residence Marty Carney has begun a new larger painting on a 40x30inch canvas.  Beyond the preliminary work of underpainting and sketching the basic design, you see below the progression after two sessions of painting in the studio:

05.03.16 Undone

05.05.16 Undone

In addition to beginning this new painting, this past week Marty has continued to sit in with Dr. Soik’s Honors Humanities II class as they presented various panel discussions about their chosen topics about Christianity and Western Civilization.