De/Constructing the Form – Advanced 3D Design

The Advanced 3D Design students worked on a three step design project. They were to come up with a product that a) can be simplified to their liking or b) create a new product they they felt they could use. First part was to design their prototype followed by creating it in clay. There were some restrictions to dimension. After it was constructed in clay they were glazed. The next part was to deconstruct the form into a 2-dimensional drawing illustrated by step by step instructions. These instruction would allow people to make the prototype in paper. 

Play on Words – Art Foundations 4

The Art Foundations 4 students finished their ceramic unit on literally translating a compound of their choosing into a functional work of ceramic art. They created a teapot with tea cups (optional). Teapots were constructed through the use of coils and/or slabs. Each depicting each student artist’s style and personality.