Nova Czarnecki Visits North High School

Nova Czarnecki is a local Milwaukee artist who came to talk to the Advanced 3D students for part of the Artist Lecture Series here at North High School.  Her work, which is mostly oil paintings of people, all represent symbolism or stories of different sorts.  Some of her painting topics include bird’s, women, orb’s of light, the woods, and her experiences or travels.  Czarnecki also paints her fears in order to work through them to the point she no longer is afraid of them.

Drawing/Painting II Students Dig Fruit

The Drawing/Painting II students have been studying different compositions based on a fruit still life. Each student had to decide on a composition in which his/her painting will be based upon. Using a spotlight, they can utilize the direct light to portray the highlights, midtones and shadows created.

The images provided are of painting in progress.

Art Foundation 2 Student Creates Large Op Art Painting

I am Kristi, the artist of this optical illusion. This piece was done in 2011, my sophomore year at Sheboygan North High school. I have been taking art all my life and it has become on of my many passions. This piece was an art project and is now a mural. This piece was inspired by doodling. my ideas never fully spark until I have the paper in front of me and I just draw. I sit and draw lots of different ideas and they are never fully developed until the last minute.

I began with 9 squares and drew different patterns and designs in each given square. The patterns consisted of line and shapes like squares, rectangles and circles. The large circles in the painting are giving the window affect. Looking into the painting it will seem like you are looking out a window through the circles and squares. This was a class project where I began to sketch it out into my sketchbook  and my teacher suggested on making a larger scale of  this piece. I used a large compass and a ruler to  draw it out; it was colored in with black sharpies. This large scaled optical illusion has now become a piece of art on the wall of the North High basement outside of room 025.

This painting is in progress.