AiR |Artist-in-Residence Update

This week, AiR|Artist-in-Residence, Marty Carney, has begun a new painting in his studio located in room 17.  Below you see the under-painted canvas which awaits Marty’s next step–applying the outline drawing.


During Art Club this past Tuesday, Marty also created a small abstract painting within the hour, seen below.


This week has also included participating in Mr. Soik’s Honors Humanities II class as they explored the principles of Roman civilization.  In a few weeks Marty will brainstorm with the students creative, “out of the box,” projects which they could potentially create to express what they have learned about Rome.  Below is a snapshot of the class work detailing the principles of Rome.  (To better understand what will eventually become their class assignment, Marty listened and served as a recorder for the discussion as you see below).


Finally, with the help of art teacher, Mr Juarez, Marty has begun a collaboration with Mrs. Heidemann for a potential art project about color and light within her chemistry class. Here’s a view of the notes about that potential project…






AiR Update | Artist-in-Residence | 02.18.16

The Artist-in-Residence, Marty Carney has been creatively busy over the past week.  Below you see a new oil painting which he has begun:


In addition to creating new art, on Thursdays, Marty is also sitting in with Mr. Soik’s 4th hour “Honors Humanities II” class as they study, among other realities, the art of Western Civilization.  Marty hopes to work with Mr. Soik and his class as they are learning to appreciate historic art forms, and perhaps, even express themselves and their learning with their own art this semester.  Below is Marty’s prep work for meeting with the class on Thursday, February 18th:


Marty is also working to finish and to frame several oil paintings, as you see below…


If you are interested, you can see several finished works of art by Marty hanging in the Art Department display case:

Art Dept Display 02.18.16



John Michael Kohler Arts Center Youth Art Month 2016

YAMPC4_BirdzCongratulations to senior, Jamie X, for being selected as one of four students whose work is featured on this year’s JMKAC YAM Postcard. You can see this piece along with 300+ others on Sunday, February 21. There is a student reception from 11am-3pm at 608 New York Avenue in Sheboygan. 

Come celebrate the success of these fab art students from across the county. 

postcard courtesy of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center


AiR Update| Artist in Residence | Feb. 11, 2016

Today has been a fruitful day for AiR, the Artist-in-Residence, Marty Carney. This morning he was filmed by a student from the photojournalism as he began a new oil painting. Then Marty will be meeting with the Mr. Soik’s 4th Hour Honors Humanities II class during this Semester to be an artistic/creative resource. Below you see the new oil painting and creative notes from interacting with Mr. Soik and his class.



WAEA Youth Art Month State Art Exhibition in March

Join us in Madison as we celebrate Youth Art Month at the State Capitol on March 11 from 12-1pm. This event showcases 300+ works of art from across the state, middle/high school band performance, keynote speakers, and an awards ceremony. Sheboygan North High School art department will be represented by Teagan Y (gr 9), Kaylee M (gr 11), Natalie M (gr 11), Cole D (gr 12), Noah F (gr 12), and Peta S (gr 12).

YAM Flyer 2016