Sculpt Me A Mold | Art Foundations 2

The Art Foundations 2 students are continuing to work on their understanding of positive space, negative space and nonobjective design. They just finished a unit on art metals centered on these three key concepts. 

Taking their thumbnails from the art metals unit or creating new ones, they are to select a non-objective design that will stimulate the production of a 3-Dimensional object called Sculpture in the Round. 

Here are a few of what is being produced. Enjoy!

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Burgers & Art

Randall’s will be reopening on May 1st under New Management. New owner, Wendy Vera, approached Mr. Juarez to see if North High Art Dept can provide artwork for her restaurant, which has a dedicated wall for student art. The following art students have art on display; Eng C, Naomi S, Nina K, Leah N and Annya E. 

To read the Sheboygan Press article, “Facelift for a local favorite: New owners put new spin on Randall’s in Sheboygan” click here. 

Randall’s is located at 3827 Superior Avenue in Sheboygan. 

Assemblage | Advanced 3-D Design Students

Assemblage is an artistic process. In the Visual Arts, it consists of making three-dimensional or two-dimensional artistic compositions by putting together found objects. 

This piece describes my dancing, my creative side and me. This uses colorful 3-D objects. The words inspire me and I used them to inspire others. I enjoyed this very unique project.  – Kristi W, Advanced 3-D Design
This project represents me in many ways. The tennis balls show and mean that I am athletic and I am an athlete. I also used color chips and bring colors because I like bright colors. The two metal pieces show that I love solving problems and puzzles. The M&M wrapper is there because I love junk food.
I also have badges; a Jordan badge and a Hollister badge. I made an airplane out of aluminum can, which describes that I love drinking green tea. I have a lot of pencils and pens to demonstrate my passion for art. I have little number stencils because I love math. Overall, this Assemblage is about me expressing myself. – Tou Lee X, Advanced 3-D Design

75th Anniversary Sheboygan North High Mural

Below are two proposed designs for North’s 75th Anniversary. These designs were created by Dale Knaak, mural painter living and working in Sheboygan. 


Tried to incorporate all points on suggestions sheet you provided. The four core are addressed with graphics. They seem cliche, but not sure of another way to represent them. For co-curriculars I used students from past to present. Did not specifically represent each one on sketch. Tried to generalize.

This sketch shows old building at left (possibly in black and white, transitioning to low key color). The right side would show present school building. The fact it runs off of edge of mural could be a suggestion to the future.

The word Sheboygan with NHS addresses Sheboygan.

This sketch mainly focuses on the ’75 Year’ theme. It’s meant to be simple and direct. A celebration of the 75 year accomplishment. The school itself could be the focal point. Banner or type could be smaller. I see the people looking towards the center or focal point. It could be students and faculty? A simple,  clean look. 
These sketches only represent a point of departure at this point. Just to get everyone thinking in the same direction. It is my opinion we may be trying to show too much in the mural. Diluting the real message. ‘A celebration of 75 years of educating’. But that’s just how I feel about the mural as a visual.