The Egyptian Ladies

We have finished drawing the entire design and have started painting. It’s really going pretty good. We have started on the skin tone, and the other shade of brown on the type. Of course gold, the gold it really a really cool color, all shiny and what not, but the gold is oil based, which means that it dose NOT come off you hands like acrylic. We are doing good on progress and will finish on time if not earlier. This is going to turn out amazing. We have and awesome group and every one works well together.

submitted by: Annya E.

Thee Egyptian Ladies

Hey, do you wonder what’s new with Thee Egyptian Ladies? Well so far, we’ve traced the drawing onto the canvas, and are preparing the paint. Now the thought of just looking at the image and drawing it onto the canvas was a bit challenging, so we made a grid to help us effectively scale the egyptian female. The result was magnificant, and now our next step is painting. So until next time, best of luck to us!

Work in progress

Submitted by: Minah L

13 by 6ft canvas is BIG

All groups have received their 13 by 6ft canvas. When thinking about the size, it doesn’t seem so big, but once its in front of you its so much bigger! We all had to do a coat of white paint in the middle where we are going to be putting our drawings so that the color sticks better and so that when drawing lines and such to sketch, they are more easily erased. Most of us have started doing our sketch onto the canvas. We are all excited to actually start painting and putting on details. :]

Each group had to do 2 sketches, and all the sketches were submitted to Mrs. Henderson and from there her group picked out which ones would work best for the play.

Sequence of the final design banners!

Submitted by: Kaylee O.


We picked the sarcophagus and drew it. I like the colors of our design and the different egyptian patterns we made. We drew the side view of the sarcophagus, one shaded and the other colored.

one of our proposed sketches

Submitted by: Kyanna B.

The Egyptian Ladies

Our group has put to use everyone’s ideas to create a masterpiece of the egyptian women. By incorporating everyone’s ideas, we are all able to take credit for our artwork, which no one is left out. Our outline for the chosen artwork was based on royal cards. Also, we decided to put a “slave” version of AIDA on one half and the “royal” version of her on the other half of the rough draft, following the concept of a royal card.

One of our proposed sketches.

We incorporated the colors that was listed under the color scheme into our artwork. The reason for our border and writing AIDA in Egyptian letters was to add an effect to the Egyptian theme.

Submitted by CharlesX

Egyptian Cat

Our group’s topic was an Egyptian Cat. For our designs we had a large cat, one was a straight on view and the other was a side profile. We incorporated hieroglyphics into our designs containing the main colors gold, blue, and red. Black and green were also used in creating our designs.

one of our proposed sketches

Submitted by Kristina G

About Anubis

This week, we began our scenery designs for the upcoming school musical, “Aida.” The theme for our group was ‘other,’ so we chose to do Anubis, the Egyptian God of mummification.

one of two proposed sketches

Our design incorporates Anubis with Heiroglyphics and background designs. We are excited to further our design and have it on display during the play.

Submitted by: Morgan P.