Artist in Residence: October views…

It has been really wonderful being a part of the Sheboygan North High School culture.  Everyone has been very kind, curious and interested in making connections, that includes students as well as staff.  It’s a great group. It’s your Friday today as tomorrow you have a break to catch up and breathe. Here is a snippet of some of the projects I’m currently engaged in.img_0722

  1. I’m working with the honors Humanities Class with Mr. Soik and his fabulous group.  I’m trying to keep up with their reading and assist them with materials, ideas, connections as well as listen to their ideas and understandings. I gave them a pp presentation of my work earlier this month and am helping to aid with art projects to help support creative thinking, collaboration and connections.img_0159
  2. There is a project beginning in the library during lunchtime. It is a Postcard Penpal Project with 4th graders at Longfellow school. Students are encouraged to choose a pen pal name, create a piece of art on one side and write/ask questions on the other, sign their name and wait for a response. The finished postcards will be delivered by me to the Longfellow class and they will respond. I think this is a great way to connect North and South, widening our community connection generationally, and having fun using art and literacy as a base.
  3. I’m hoping to redesign the elevator! yep! A fresh coat of paint and art created by the students who have special needs. These students are primarily the ones using the elevator, so naturally they should showcase their unique work. Stay tuned…still trying to negotiate the logistics. I have a great idea planned. I’ll let you know. BTW, There are so many wonderful painted murals all over the school. I really love the little guy outside my door..  do pop in to say hi when you have a chance; Tuesdays all day & Thursday mornings.img_1976

While here I have been experimenting with materials and work to develop different visions of my artwork.  Here are some examples of the work I’ve been creating ……..all WIP

img_0657those shapes drawn in chalk on the boards are desk tops students use, that were being refurbished.  I traced it as I responded to the size, shape and its intended use.img_0649printmaking and painting experiments in design, shape and burgeoning ideas
img_0660img_0650Working in clay provides another avenue of material for me to create paintings

4. I’ve been going to The Art Club Tuesday afternoons and working alongside the students. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend. Thanks Frank!

More updates soon.

Have a wonderful extended weekend.  Erica Huntzinger, AIR

To Be Golden

Today, Golden rep Sandy Bacon visited the North High art department to introduce my Drawing Intensive students to a variety of Golden paints and medium. It was neat to see them experiment. 

A huge thanks to Cindy Seibold-Hoeper of Lakeshore Art Supplies for making this possible. 

USPS Postage Stamp Design

Every year the Drawing Intensive students design a mock up USPS postage stamp expressing their interests. The past 4 years these stamps would be displayed at the Sheboygan Post Office. This year that ended due to a new policy that prohibits signage in the retail area of the post office.  So…here is a gallery of the students’ work.