The Art Final

For the past three years, the North High Art Department felt in order for us to get a true assessment on student learning we administered a written final examination.  Below is an excerpt along with 2 well-written essays.

Select one unit from above and using the format outlined below, write a minimum of a one-page essaydetailing all aspects of the unit. Each paragraph should consist of 3 sentences and no more than 7 sentences for each bullet item below. The essay should consist of ideas, content, and supporting details. Attention should be paid to voice, word choice, sentence structure and conventions (6-trait writing).

Basic Outline;

  1. Name of Unit
  2. Core Concepts explained in detail
  3. Vocabulary-used, defined and applied
  4. Pre-sketchbook assignment/technique exercises
  5. Assignment details (what did you have to create? end product)
  6. Processes and techniques (what you had to do to make the art piece)
  7. Assessment and Grading Criteria (what specific criteria did your final piece have to contain or demonstrate?)


SAM_4356 SAM_4360 SAM_4362

written by Savannah P

SAM_4364 SAM_4366


Written by Elizabeth M

State Bound Art Students

Congratulations to the following students for being selected to advance to the Wisconsin Art Education Association’s Youth Art Month State Art Exhibition in Madison. They are: Abby K., Kristi W., Brittnay B., Mikayla M., Gregory E., and Pa Zao V. Their work is currently on exhibit at the WAEA Regional Art Exhibition held at UW-Sheboygan Fine Art Gallery until February 7, 2013 with an artist reception/ceremony on January 27 from 12pm-2pm. 

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North High Art Club in Full Effect

Over the past few months the North High Art Department has been organizing a series of art experiences for any North High student to engage in. Some of these activities were wreath decorating, street art, holiday ornaments and most recently, acrylic painting with Mrs. Rokicki. 

Here are some photos from today. 


Collaboration is a Powerful Tool (L. Thennes)

A great way to end the week.

Collaboration is a powerful tool in student learning for both staff and students, and sometimes we get so involved and bogged down in our survival, that we forget about how powerful working with others really can be. Due to our size, at the high school level, we often think about collaboration within the walls of our own departments.  This week, I was reminded how collaboration interdepartmentally can be something special for our students.  When I think of interdepartmental collaboration I often think of the obvious, like Language Arts and Social Studies, or Math and Science.  How about Art and French?  Frank Juarez and Blanca Martinez recently teamed up to teach a unit on French artists with a twist.  In this case the art and French students were paired together.  The French students were asked to research French artists, and then serve as consultants for the Art students. After consultation with a French researcher, the Art students were then asked to lead the collaborative creation of an original piece that incorporated some of the artistic tendencies of their assigned French artist.  I watched the students creatively work together, creating their own knowledge and understanding of some French culture and Art skills, while also gaining an appreciation for the arts.  While this is only one example of the collaboration that occurs each day at NHS, I am reminded daily of what makes North a special place for students and staff.  Please take time to celebrate our successes, and find creative ways to work collaboratively with each other, even outside of your departments.  Thank you for the creativity and talents you use each day to help our students and colleagues grow.  It is truly inspiring.  (L. Thennes)

Art + French: How Sweet It Is

Mrs. Martinez’s French class and Mr. Juarez’s art class are collaborating on a painting unit. Mrs. Martinez’s student researched French painters, which is a great benefit to this collaborative project. How you ask? Well, each French student was paired with an art student. Each are expected to bring their knowledge to the table.  For example, a French student would share his/her findings with the art students about influences, historical facts, etc while the art student will share his/her knowledge about color theory, composition, etc.

Their work is based on related subject matter with a contemporary twist.

Here are some of the works in progress.

The Shape Integrated Project

Art Foundations 3 students are working on a shape integrated project, which addresses the use of space, repetition, color, and movement. The idea is based on the concept of “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. 

Here are some works in progress. 


sketch by kara


sketch by savannah


sketch by brianne


sketch by emily


sketch by kimberly


sketch by choua