Call for Submissions: Iridescence Literary Magazine

2022 Theme: Imagine

Submission due March 15, 2022

Iridescence Literary Magazine has some requirements for submissions. Here’s everything:

  1. Artwork (paintings, photos, drawings, etc.) – 3 submission limit.
  2. Writing (prose, poetry, flash fiction, etc.) – 500-word limit per submission.
  3. Must be appropriate for school – no profanity or inappropriate artwork.
  4. No plagiarism.

Incentives you can bring up for students to submit:

  1. You will be a published artist and/or writer (if we are able to win something from the NCTE awards, then they will be considered a published individual in an award-winning magazine). Looks great for college.
  2. It’s easy. You can submit any work you’ve made during school (as long as they follow the simple requirements).
  3. It can help get your artwork and/or writing out there. We are aiming to have the magazine printed and sent throughout the school as well as potentially the community!