Identity Masks by Advanced 3-D Design Students

Story of Zezu by Fong T


cardboard, gesso, newspaper, acrylic paint

Long ago, there were two great clans who ruled the world. Their names were Arkuma and Utiza. Each clan received a special ability from their god, Zario. The Arkuma clan received super strength. The Utiza clan received super speed. Each clan had their own symbol tattooed on their body. The Arkuma clan had tattoos on the side of their head. The Utiza clan had tattoos on their arms. They hated each other because they held onto a grudge from the past. They never actually had a full war, besides small battles when they spot each other out in the forest. There was never a big problem, until Zezu was born.

Zezu was born on one dark rainy night into the Arkuma clan. His father, Eleto, was very happy to have another son added to the great clan. However, fifth-teen years past and Zezu had a problem. Growing up, Zezu could never match up to the strengths of his own clan. Eleto asked Zario for help because this had never been a problem before. Zario responded by going in to one of Eleto’s dream. Zario told Eleto that his son, Zezu, is an Utiza member. Eleto woke up feeling disgusted and outrageous by the news. Eleto stormed to his wife to ask for the truth. Zezu’s mother was silent at first but then confessed the truth. The truth was that she had an affair with an Utiza member. Instantly, Eleto rips her head off with his tremendous strength. Eleto locked Zezu up and tortured him. Eventually Eleto commanded his son to kill Zezu, but when Zezu’s brother arrived to the room, Zezu had already escaped. Zezu ran to find the Utiza clan in desperation for the need of help. When he arrived at their territory he explained his situation. The Utiza did not believe him and thrived to kill him. Frightened, Zezu ran back into the forest. He didn’t get far until he got stopped by the Arkuma clan members. Zezu is now surrounded by Arkuma and Utiza members. The Utiza memebers demanded for the truth, but the Arkuma clan did not bother to talk. An Utiza member quickly grabbed a hold of Zezu to use as hostage, but Eleto used this moment to smash Zezu’s body. The Utiza members then pulled out their knives and slit Zezu’s throat and ran off.

After a few years later, there was this man who had great powers. He had white skin with blue and black designs all over his body. He had the ability to fly and control water. Those were his new abilities. He also still possesses the abilities that he was born with. The man clearly was Zezu because not only did he still have the abilities of super strength and speed but he also still has the symbol of his clan. Zario gave Zezu the chance to return for his revenge. When Zezu came upon the Arkuma clan, everyone was clueless to who it was. When Zezu walked up to Eleto, Eleto saw marks on Zezu’s forehead. The 3 marks read “revenge” in their language. Zezu then spoke, “Do you remember this day… father?!” All of a sudden from behind Zezu, came a flying spear. Zezu instantly catches the spear and threw it right back. It was his brother and the spear pierced right through his chest, thus killing him instantly. Arkuma members began charging at Zezu. In a flash, Zezu ripped their heads off. The Arkuma members that were spared had begun running into the woods in fear. They stumbled upon the Utiza’s territory. The Utiza members started attacking the Arkumas thinking it was an attack. During the battle, massive amounts of water came running in. This caused the clans to separate. At this point, Zezu was floating in the air looking down at them. Laughing, Zezu then raised his arms thus casting even more water to rise. “This world needs peace, and I’ll make just that” said Zezu. After that statement Zezu threw his arms down, causing the massive water to emerge everywhere. Zezu ended up drowning the entire world. After this chaos, Zezu suddenly feels his powers leaving him. Zario was taking the power back. Zezu realizes this but he did not care because he was satisfied. After Zario took all the power back, Zezu collapsed and died. 


The Deer by Kara M

The deer may be modest and average by sight, and it possesses a comparatively simple power, but this ability is both rare and valuable. The deer is an expert people watcher. Sure, there are plenty of beings on this earth who habitually hide in the shadows, watchful of their surroundings, but none are so well equipped for this quiet action as the deer. With large eyes and even bigger ears, the deer is able to make judgments not exclusively by sight, but by listening in great depth. She is able to pick up on things most others overlook superficially or miss completely. These abilities allow for the deer to essentially see the world in a clearer way that is less blurred by critical biases. Though she enjoys frolicking with others on occasion, the deer also finds great contentment when ruminating quietly in solitude as the world spins on.


cardboard, gesso, newspaper, acrylic paint

The deer is a creature of peace. Lacking menacing antlers, the deer, in appearance, is calm and non-threatening, but this does not free her from danger. Without a means to assert herself, the deer relies on the power of quick instincts, giving her the power to assess and tackle difficultsituations in a flash. The “predators” which she encounters often consist of conditions in new environments.

It is true that the deer is reluctant, but she is growing bolder and warmer as proven by her bright colors- purples of warm quality, a
 cold icy slight blue, a fiery orange, a deep red. While the color that dominates her face is purple, it has subtle warmth. The ice cold blue reflects her overly cautious nature. Despite this hindrance, the bright oranges and reds are spreading like wildfires, proving that the deer is able to and very well may surprise you with bold acts. Above all, take note of the fact that the areas of her face which are dominated by warmth are indeed her eyes and ears.

The bearer of the deer personality gains the traits of the deer, receiving the ability to see things how they really are as well as the ever-expanding willingness to be bold. However worldly the deer’s powers may be, the example and impact it gives society is super.