The Sheboygan North High Art Department is pleased to announce that it has officially became a National Art Honor Society (NAHS) chapter (2019). This is the first chapter of its kind in our North High history dedicated to the visual arts and art education.

Visual arts education is essential to 21st-century learning. As a new NAHS chapter we will be utilizing the NAEA to stay ahead of developments in the field of arts education by being introduced to a broad perspective of important research, issues, and policy trends that are important. As a NAHS chapter we are connected to thousands of chapters from around the globe who are passionate about the integral role of the visual arts in ensuring all students to receive a high-quality, effective, and well-rounded education. 

We believe that the National Art Honor Society will provide our students with pathways leading to career and college readiness. In addition, introducing them to a diverse art experiences beyond the walls of Sheboygan North High School aimed to expand their creative minds, gain new art skills, and provide them with leadership opportunities, which will contribute to their personal, artistic, and academic growth. 

2022-2023 NAHS

L to R: Grace Z., Vera K., Finn Y., Rebecca N., Adanna C, Isabel A., Dior R., Marilyn H., Dinara A., Madyn A., Keenan V., and Taylor S..Advisor: Mr. Juárez

Executive Board

President: Dior R.

Co-Vice Presidents: Adanna C. and Grace Z.

Secretary: open

Historian: Isabel A.

2022-2023 NAHS Activities

2021-2022 NAHS Activities

Tote Bag Workshop

John Michael Kohler Arts Center (JMKAC): Artist Lee Hunter Workshop & Exhibition

Artist Angela Johnson Presentation

John Michael Kohler Arts Center (JMKAC) : Muralist Isabel Castro Workshop

Image courtesy of the artist and JMKAC


2021-2022 NAHS Members

L to R: Keenan V., Grace Z., Luecy X., Dior R., Isabel A., Adanna C., Thalia N., Finn Y., Malacha C., Jennifer A., and Maddie B. Not pictured: Venus T and Ayane K.

2021-2022 Executive Board

  • President: Dior Richter
  • Vice-President: Luecy Xiong
  • Secretary: Open
  • Historian: Thalia Negrete

Committee Work:

  • Fundraising: Tote Bag Workshop (ongoing)
  • Annual Project: Iridescence Literary Magazine, Issue 2 (Spring 2022)

NAHS Advisors: Mr. Juárez

2019 – 2020

2019-2020 NAHS Members

Holly Backus, Lily-Rose Butterfield, Adanna Carlos, Emily Jose Castillo, Alexandria Gable, Molly Geiser, Ayane Kubiak, Ava Lazarewicz, Areana Meise, Kathryn Schuchardt, ShyAnn Thao, Venus Thao, Sara Vang, Abbey Xiong, Luecy Xiong, Plai Kou Xiong, Mao Yang, Finn Young, and Angelica Zietlow.

2019-2020 Executive Board

  • Lily-Rose Butterfield, President
  • Sara Vang, Vice-President
  • Abbey Xiong, Secretary
  • Plai Kou Xiong, Treasurer
  • Angelica Zietlow, Historian

Committee Work:

NAHS Advisor: Mr. Juárez

2018 – 2019

2018-2019 Founding NHS Members

Kaitlyn Becker
Elena Butzen
Emily Jose-Camarillo
Julia Gozdziewski
Der Lee
Amelia Redell
Destiny Thao
Sheng Thao
Sara Vang
Abbey Xiong
Luecy Xiong
Kiana Yang
Angelica Zietlow
2018-2019 Executive Board: 
  • President : Kaitlyn Becker
  • Vice-president: Sheng Thao
  • Secretary: Luecy Xiong
  • Treasurer: Der Lee
  • Historian: Angelica Zietlow

NAHS Advisors: Mr. Juárez & Mrs. Mattern