In what ways will your 4-year art education prepare you for life after high school?

As educators, we often wonder if what we are teaching is impacting their lives outside of school. We get so wrapped up in our daily routines that we may not take that extra step to ask them, ” how is your art experience contributing to your daily life?”

Every year I do an exit survey with graduating art students that have taken art since their freshman year. Below is the over-arching question that I ask my seniors. 

In what ways will your 4-year art education prepare you for life after high school?

  • thinking outside the box, adding twists, and taking risks. These are the things I struggle with, but have pushed me to become a better student, artist and person. 
  • time management is the most important skill that I acquired. It is most helpful when you have a lot to do within a short amount of time. 
  • art has taught me patience as well as shown me that I can push myself to improve, even after I think I’m done. Through challenges, it has taught me to not be afraid to go outside my comfort zone. That is how you learn and grow. 
  • art has allowed me to express my creativity and grow as an artist. Now, my talents have developed and I am prepared to take art to the next level. Also, art has allowed me to try different mediums and showed me that may others exist. 
  • art provides a healthy outlet for self-expression. 
  • art has caused me to observe more minute details in all areas of life. 
  • seeing Mr. Juarez’s efforts to promote art within the school and community has given me an appreciation for local art events/exhibits. I’m also inspired to choose a career  I will enjoy because being passionate about your work is important as shown by Mr. Juarez’s constant happiness doing something he loves.