Portfolio I



Grades 11 & 12                                             

Year Course – 1 Credit

Prerequisites: Art Foundations 1, 2, 3, 4 and Drawing Intensive.  Students may take Drawing Intensive and Portfolio at the same time with instructor consent.

Students enrolled in Portfolio 1 will be expected to produce a minimum of 15 works of art in a variety of media, techniques, and subject matter.  Emphasis is placed on drawing from observation; the applications of color and design principles; and the understanding of the fundamentals of two and three-dimensional design.  This course provides the opportunity for art students to participate in an accelerated art course in which they create a portfolio of work, which encompasses the criteria set forth by the College Board.

Students who wish to pursue a career in art are strongly encouraged to take the Portfolio course their junior year.  An Advanced Placement portfolio, using artwork completed in Portfolio 1 and AP Art Studio (completed senior year), may be submitted to the AP College board for evaluation in May.  Students must pay a fee to submit the portfolio.  Portfolios are evaluated and assigned a score by the AP College Board.  The awarding of college credits for AP scores is at the discretion of the individual schools.

Students not wishing to submit for college credit may take the course to develop their skills and understanding of higher level art concepts.


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