High School Art Spring Exhibition at EBCO ArtWorks

High School Art Spring Exhibition at EBCO ArtWorks

April 5 – 13, 2019

EBCO ArtWorks, 1201 Erie Avenue, Sheboygan, WI 53081

Artist reception: Friday, April 5, 6-8pm

Press Release

Sheboygan, Wisconsin (March 8, 2019) – Central High, Sheboygan North High, Sheboygan South High, and Tower Program are pleased to present “High School Art Spring Exhibition”, an exhibition featuring artwork from high school students.

This high school art exhibition celebrates the creative vision and artistic voice of our student artists. It will feature 100+ pieces of student artwork created this school year based on the art teacher’s respective high school art curriculum. It will also feature works created outside of the classroom. Works will range from traditional media to experimental media including drawings, paintings, mixed media, collage, fashion, 3-D works, and so on. Art teachers participating are Lizabeth Higgins (Tower), Frank Juarez (Sheboygan North), Antoinette Mattern (Central), and Brian Sommersberger (Sheboygan South). This is their first collaborative art exhibition bringing four art programs together.

This exhibition runs from April 5 – April 13, 2019, with areception on Friday, April 5 from 6-8pm. EBCO ArtWorks is located at 1201 Erie Avenue, Sheboygan, WI 53081. Come meet the student artists and their art teachers. The gallery will be open on Saturdays, April 6 and April 13 from 11am-1pm.

For further information on this exhibitionplease contact Brian Sommersberger at bsommersberger@sasd.net.








Excited About Something Exhibition at Silver Lake College

IMG_6294Title: Excited About Something

Location: Silver Lake College, Lake’s Edge Gallery, located on campus at the Franciscan Center for Music Education and Performance, 2406 S. Alverno Road. There is a reception for the students on May 9, 5-6pm. 

Exhibition Dates: March 28 – May 9, 2016

Description: Art students from Sheboygan North High School created sixteen works of art ranging form paintings to collages and drawings to ceramics for their exhibition, “Excited About Something”. This exhibition explores the idea of self-expression without structural boundaries. These student artists selected their own substrate, thematic unit, and intent for their artwork. 


Teacher Statements

Mr. Frank Juarez, “Stroke”, acrylic on canvas, 16”x10”, 2016

Stroke, acrylic on canvas, 16"x10", 2016

My paintings are driven by a collection of certain things I feel can influence my work. In my studio I reduce those visuals into paintings with a minimalistic approach. Through my practice, I am able to bring what is important to the surface so that the viewer can interpret his/her own meaning. 

Teacher: Mrs. Antoinette Mattern, “The Perfect Breakfast”, Oil on Canvas, 16” x 28”


I really enjoy drawing and painting portraits. People are so interesting! I was inspired to make an Impressionist-style painting of my teen-aged son and daughter as they were having breakfast one morning. They each had “perfect hair,” which is very important if you are in middle school. The peaceful way that they enjoyed their pancakes, along with the beautiful colors in our kitchen that morning, seemed to call me as a mom and as a painter. I really wanted to capture the positive feeling of the moment. I used gestural lines to block in the shapes, and I left some of the distorted perspective to increase that feeling of a fleeting moment.


Student Statements

Esther Segura, Rebirth, oil on canvas, 2016


The trees are on fire. The ground is black and the fire lights up the sky. The sky has different shades of red and brown. In this painting the trees are a dark brown with some green and black. This painting represents rebirth and second chances. In the painting there are trees on fire. One of the trees is burning to the ground. The sky is lit up with color red. After the trees burn new trees and other plants can grow. This is a cycle that allows plants to regrow and start over. When a forest fire starts it destroys the trees but over time more plants and trees will grow again. This painting means that after something bad happened that a good thing can come out of it too.


Katie Mendini, “Impure”, acrylic on canvas, 8”x8”, 2016


The internal battle between the good intentions and compulsive, sometimes dark, nature of each individual is depicted. Although the white seems to overpower the bold colors of black and red, they manage to be seen on the other half, and through the gaps of the purity.


Brittany Wolf, “Small Different Worlds”, collage on canvas, 10”x10”, 2016


It tells you that everyone is different and we should respect everyone no matter where they came from.


Mikayla Mork, “Sweet Nectar”, collage on paper, 12”x12”, 2016


The inspiration for this piece came from my previous experiences with collage and nature. I wanted to change the action of the subject in the work to form a simile between bad habits and how they feel to an individual.


Abrille Johnson, “Out of touch”, oil on canvas, 20”x20”, 2016


This painting is about a girl who feels lost because of family health problems that seem to get worse, she looking back on earth because she feels out of touch from society and she doesn’t fit in. She has no one who understands what she is going through so she feels alone.


Monica McClure, “Galaxy”, acrylic on canvas, 20”x20”, 2016


My painting is about a full moon in a galaxy sky with a shadow tree and blue greenish grass.

This painting is about being free and just go with it. To see what happens  I  mixed  the colors while the paint and wet. By making the darkness and lightness in the sky it makes the painting stands out with the purples, pinks, and blues. My painting makes me feel calm. It looks like a real place that I want to go to lay down in the grass, look up into the sky above and rest my eyes to relax.


Melicia Sigala, “Aberration”, ceramic, 2016


Mistakes are an art of their own.


Ailen Flores, “The Modern City”, Acrylic on Canvas, 8” x 10”, 2016


I was just visiting New York City in December. I wanted to make a painting to show the tall buildings. I used bright colors because I wanted to make it look modern.


Sabrina Bennett, “In the Mind of Others”, Acrylic on Canvas, 8” x 10”, 2016


The purpose behind this canvas is that everyone, everywhere is different. It is saying how a man could have multiple personality disorder while a woman could be anti-social, etc. What and who inspired me to make this artwork was that I was working on a picture for a poetry booklet, but I had it the wrong way, so I decided to try and make a painting of it. Then my friend, Mason Tipton, told me I could make it about mental disorders. He even made me a list of mental disorders as a reference. My friend Talya Thurs said I could use the color blue to represent depression.

This painting was a way for me to paint something that was fun, creative, and would look fun in a gallery. What it means to me is that not everyone understands the mental disorders that are out there. No matter the color of your skin, anybody can have a mental disorder of some kind.


Jennette Zachow, “The Guardians”, Acrylic on Canvas, 8” x 10”, 2016

The title of my piece is, “The Guardians” I call it this, because the two figures drawn are meant to be seen as illusions, or guardians of nature. The purpose behind my piece is to draw attention to the destruction and pollution of the world. The two figures, or Guardians represent nature, one can be seen with a sad expression on it’s face. The sad expression on one, and the lack of a face on the other are representations of the sadness and despair they feel to have to watch the destruction of the world. I was inspired to create this, by a conversation I had about the Sheboygan River. My step-dad had made a comment about how grossly brown it was, and my mom said that it was clearer usually but because of a storm dirt was drug up to the top of the river. I couldn’t help but think that it was always this gross color, and it wouldn’t be if it weren’t for pollution of the river. I started out with a set of colors that looked nice together, and then went to different color schemes for each Guardian.


Tyler Galicia, “Madvillainy”, Acrylic on Canvas, 10” x 10”, 2016


What is it’s purpose: To me it has less than the average painting as while it is visually pleasing it lacks originality, and while this wasn’t what i was planning at first i guess it ended up being a nice mistake.

For me really i can say i was more or less thinking of myself while painting this as i think highly of this album in general and with that being said i really took a liking to the cover, with it being a black and white photo but the person in the photo also wearing a mask led to an interesting amount of lights and darks. Overall it was also an easier thing to approach as skin tones aren’t my thing. I need really understood the orange square in the upper right corner but from what i can assume it’s there to keep it from looking so gloomy.

Method: I went with darks and grays with choosing this as i stated earlier skin tones aren’t my thing. I gotta say it went from looking terrible at first to becoming something beautifully complex and i’m happy for it. I guess if i were ever to go about this again i’d plan something in the chance of it and go about something original as opposed to this.


Nikki Chanthima, “Untitled”, Acrylic on Canvas, 10”x8”, 2016


I make art to express what comes to my mind. Art makes me feel like I’ve released the creative side of me. My friend Natalie, inspired me to create more art. I quit drawing for a year, but she helped me get back to it. I used a stretched canvas and acrylic paint to achieve my artwork. This painting makes me think the girl is mortal and makes everything calm again.


Lourdes Segura, “Hennette”, Acrylic on Canvas, 10” x 8” 2016


The meaning behind the painting is that every person in the world has a beautiful face. There are many different and unique features on a face that differ on people. The girl’s face within the painting is representing the way I see some beauty of different people within the girl I designed. Her hair contains multiple colors, including a medium brown, red, and yellow. The dots upon her face are like a tattoo. I love to see the beauty in everything in life, no matter what it is. Within the paint there is a little heart next to “PTV” and music note on the side, which represents my favorite band, because the music they made helped me through some stuff. In the beginning there was no plan on what I was going to paint, but in the end the paint turned out to be beautiful to me.

What goes into a work of art?

A few days ago I noticed a semi-finished painting by senior Mikayla resting on her work table. The painting had a series of legs collaged at the top of her canvas and a woman resting towards the bottom. To the left of this canvas was a sketch of an idea, “What’s the Point?” Although we talk on a daily basis how often does a teacher really inquire about a student’s process? After all, haven’t we seen it all? I have found that students tend to shy away from sharing their personal thoughts, but are willing to share their ideas. I was curious as to how she went from this sketch to her collaged painting. Here is what she had to say about her process. 

Sketch by Mikayla

Sketch by Mikayla

Before I started this piece I had already cut out the girl on the bottom I thought that could possibly use it later in another piece. I then chose it for this particular piece because the girl was in the water; it reminded me of the Little Mermaid. I cut the swimming cap off of the original picture and set it in my sketchbook. Lately, I have been interested in simple line drawings, so I started adding her red hair in. To go with my theme, I looked up “the dark side of the Little Mermaid.” There I found that in some version of the story Ariel was turned into a human so the Prince would love her, but it did not work. He loved some other girl. Ariel became depressed and jumped back into the sea where she died (when mermaids die they become sea foam). After having that in my mind, I look at my sketch. I still wanted to have some collage aspect to it. I thought, “what was a big thing in the story?” Legs. The Little Mermaid wanted legs. 

I got to work. I started cutting out all these legs. I placed them in a row overlapping each other. I liked the idea, “How far away should she be from these legs?” I thought. I was thinking that some distance between her and them showed some sort of representation. That she could never really be human, the Prince would never love her. I created a large canvas and went straight to painting. I added the sea foam at the bottom from the story I read. I wanted this piece to evoke sadness and I think, “What’s the Point?” really adds to it.  – Mikayla

"What's the Point?" (detail)

“What’s the Point?” (detail)

AIR Happenings as of April 24th

This week Sara had a blast collaging with Tiffany Diven’s Broadcasting class! As a way of exploring methods on how to be more present and disconnect from the constant barrage of technology around them, students spent two class periods creating analog collages made with a variety of found materials.

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More traditional collage materials such as magazine, newspaper and book scraps were incorporated into their pieces along with less conventional ones like food and 3-dimensional objects.  A lot of thought and creativity were also put into the presentation of these collages, as many students utilized both sides of the paper and others made their work more sculptural or interactive. Students’ openness to experiment with the materials available and not feel limited with what they could do was inspiring to watch!

These collages will be on display in North’s 2nd Floor Gallery space until May 13th.

AIR Happenings as of April 16th

Spring is off to a busy start! Besides gearing up for the upcoming art activities planned for several classes, Sara has been preparing for the two-person show she will be a part of opening May 9th at the Frank Juarez Gallery as well as the exhibition she will have at the end of May in North’s 2nd Floor Gallery. Below are some studio views of in-progress work for these two shows!

AIR Happenings as of March 19th

Mind mapping is still going strong in Ms. Cavanaugh and Ms. J’s classes! Below is more of the progress made on these maps during week 2. Everyone is really looking forward to seeing these in their completed forms!

Sara also met with students in Chad Stauber Soik’s Humanities class to help brainstorm ideas for the art component of their current essays which include topics such as religion, hope, and technology. Drawing, photography, and other visual mediums were discussed to figure out how to best present each student’s concept.

In the studio, there are collages and drawings everywhere! Sara has been busy creating pieces for her upcoming two-person show, In Tandem, opening in May at the Frank Juarez Gallery.

AIR Happenings as of March 12th

This week has been a busy one! Sara has been spending the last two days working on mind maps with Sylvia Cavanaugh and Maria Jesinski’s classes and introducing different drawing and collage techniques to incorporate visual elements. Focusing on South Asia as a unifying theme and connecting topics like Colonialism in India, the Industrial Revolution, and Henry Thoreau together, students got right to work drawing and planning their mind maps. Below are a couple different approaches with this project.

AIR Happenings as of February 18th

It has been a busy couple weeks working with various classes at North as well as in the studio!

This week I had the chance to work on a very colorful art project with Beth Cesario’s class during their art time. We made glue sun catchers by filling plastic and metal lids with a layer of glue, adding some acrylic paint, and swirling this mixture around with the ends of paintbrushes to create a swirled pattern. When these dry they will each have a hole punched out and string added so they can be hung up.  All of these turned out great; we’re all looking forward to seeing them completed and hanging in the windows!

There are also many new collages and drawings in the studio. Below are some of those more recent works!

AIR Happenings as of February 10th

Hello all! I am so happy and honored to be your Artist in Residence this semester! Thank you to Mr. J and the rest of the faculty at NHS for inviting me to be a part of your community.

Much of my work explores the concept of landscape and utilizes found materials to create invented spaces and structures. Below are some views of my new work space as well as a couple in-progress images of what I have been working on since beginning this residency.

If you would like to see some of my work in person, I have a couple small collages and drawings hanging in the display case outside of the art room; feel free to take a look!

I am very excited to be an art resource for the students and faculty as well as have the opportunity to further develop my artistic practice. I will be working in room 17 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8am-4pm, so everyone is always welcome to stop by and check out what I’m working on!

Sara Willadsen