13 by 6ft canvas is BIG

All groups have received their 13 by 6ft canvas. When thinking about the size, it doesn’t seem so big, but once its in front of you its so much bigger! We all had to do a coat of white paint in the middle where we are going to be putting our drawings so that the color sticks better and so that when drawing lines and such to sketch, they are more easily erased. Most of us have started doing our sketch onto the canvas. We are all excited to actually start painting and putting on details. :]

Each group had to do 2 sketches, and all the sketches were submitted to Mrs. Henderson and from there her group picked out which ones would work best for the play.

Sequence of the final design banners!

Submitted by: Kaylee O.

One thought on “13 by 6ft canvas is BIG

  1. Lynnae Burns says:

    I am currently finishing up huge mural paintings with 7th graders who are studying Africa in Social Studies. Our murals will be on my blog soon. Come view them! I love to see what other art students are painting in this huge format! I really like the vertical format of your Egyptian banners.

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