Artist Lecture Series | Kay Jelinek Visits North High Art Department (Part I)

Today Sheboygan-based artist, Kay Jelinekvisited my period 6 Drawing/Painting I & Portfolio I art students. Kay is participating in our art department’s Artist Lecture Series. Here are some photos taken from today’s activities. 

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The Artist Lecture Series was created in 2009 as a response to further expose, educate and engage students to the world of art that exists locally and regionally. The premise of this in-school program is to invite local and regional artists working in various subject matter, media and genres to share with my students how and why artists create art. This can take form in a presentation, a demo or a workshop.This gives art students the opportunity to hear an artist talk about the challenges and successes of being an artist today, view original works of art, and to interact with the artist. As an adult it can be difficult to talk to an expert or a professional about the creative process, which is why exposing students at a young age will allow them to work through this barrier to prepare them for life after high school.

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