Collaboration is a Powerful Tool (L. Thennes)

A great way to end the week.

Collaboration is a powerful tool in student learning for both staff and students, and sometimes we get so involved and bogged down in our survival, that we forget about how powerful working with others really can be. Due to our size, at the high school level, we often think about collaboration within the walls of our own departments.  This week, I was reminded how collaboration interdepartmentally can be something special for our students.  When I think of interdepartmental collaboration I often think of the obvious, like Language Arts and Social Studies, or Math and Science.  How about Art and French?  Frank Juarez and Blanca Martinez recently teamed up to teach a unit on French artists with a twist.  In this case the art and French students were paired together.  The French students were asked to research French artists, and then serve as consultants for the Art students. After consultation with a French researcher, the Art students were then asked to lead the collaborative creation of an original piece that incorporated some of the artistic tendencies of their assigned French artist.  I watched the students creatively work together, creating their own knowledge and understanding of some French culture and Art skills, while also gaining an appreciation for the arts.  While this is only one example of the collaboration that occurs each day at NHS, I am reminded daily of what makes North a special place for students and staff.  Please take time to celebrate our successes, and find creative ways to work collaboratively with each other, even outside of your departments.  Thank you for the creativity and talents you use each day to help our students and colleagues grow.  It is truly inspiring.  (L. Thennes)

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