Drawing/Painting I Students Begin Mikado Backdrop

The Drawing/Painting I students are at it again. They have been asked to design the backdrop for the upcoming North High Play, “Mikado”. This play takes place in Imperial Japan (which is really Britain) and is the story of a wandering minstrel who happens to be in a town where he falls in love with Yum Yum, how is just happens to be the ward of the lord High executioner who does just about anything but execute people. The first person on his list to execute happens to be himself, so when he meets the minstrel he sees an opportunity to execute someone and get in the good graces of Mikado, who declared if someone was not executed in town would be demoted to a village. What he does not know is that the wandering Minstrel happens to be the son of the the Mikado who was incognito.

Mikado backdrop circle

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