NHS AiR Happenings as of December 11th

by Liz Ann Lange

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The past month has been so busy that I neglected to write much of anything down!
I prepared and hung artwork in 2 separate exhibitions, one of which I had approximately 10 studio days in which to build and paint 12 panels before the day of installation.

I also was able to lend some helpful suggestions to Mr. Soik’s 4th hour humanities class, as they were doing another “Artplosion” project based on a wide array of interconnected topics. The class ended up using a storyboard format to express their topics of interest.

Last Thursday I had a fantastic time hosting one of the Brown Bag Lecture Series lunch talks right here in the studio! It is a chance for faculty and staff to get to know what I’m doing here, when they might not otherwise have been able to deviate from their busy schedules and routines.
We sat around the studio tables and I gave a little background about myself then opened up to questions. I really enjoyed being a part of this program.

On Friday evening (December 11th), I will be taking down my exhibit at Lakeland College. As a 2010 alum it was an honor to come back as a visiting artist and exhibit in the same space I hung my senior exhibit, as a student then, nearly 6 years ago.

Next week I will be meeting with Carrie McGoldrick‘s classes on Monday and Tuesday to help the students approach a political cartooning assignment. I hope to draw on a bit of my graphic communications knowledge to help the students transfer their ideas to paper.

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