AIR Update for the week of Jan. 4th-8th

by Liz Ann Lange

What a fantastic week it has been!

The studio felt worlds away during the Winter Break, but in returning I felt I was able to pick right back up where I left off.

My time last week was spent preparing and mounting my little exhibit in the 2nd floor hallway gallery, as well as putting together last Thursday’s PowerPoint presentation for Mr. Juarez’s Artist Lecture Series!

I presented to Mr. J’s 2nd hour students on Thursday, the 7th.
After the presentation, we had a little bit of time for the students to tour the studio and ask some questions. Sharing my process and experiences with young minds is something I don’t do very often, so it was a good learning experience for all! They asked some pretty good questions too, and I was glad to see they were engaged and interested in what I had to say.

During the opening reception early Thursday evening, something beautiful and unexpected happened: Sylvia Cavanaugh’s Poetry Club met on the viewing benches in front of my work, and each student began choosing one painting to base a poem on.
They then recited their poems in front of their chosen work.

I was awestruck to hear the words, interpretations, and ideas that my paintings had sparked!
It was really special to me to witness the convergence of these paintings and their poetry.



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