AiR Update for the week of 11-15 Jan.

by Liz Ann Lange

This week, I had the overwhelming pleasure of working with all 26 of Erin Belongie’s 6th hour Composition class!

When Erin approached me last month about wanting to integrate a visual art form with the topic of the “American Dream,” I thought it might be a fun challenge to apply those concepts by having the students construct their own diorama or reliquary.

Everyone gathered their own boxes and some brought their own magazines and other materials to use. I brought in some fabric scraps, cut twigs and small branches, old greeting cards, and some small catalogs for them to use.

All the students had so much enthusiasm for this project, and dug right in! They did a fantastic job coming up with their own unique ways of representing their dreams and ideals in one simple box.

After they finished their projects, they presented their projects in class by reading from their essays and then explaining how their reliquaries or dioramas represented their American Dream.

Fantastic work, everyone!


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