AiR Update | Artist-in-Residence | 02.18.16

The Artist-in-Residence, Marty Carney has been creatively busy over the past week.  Below you see a new oil painting which he has begun:


In addition to creating new art, on Thursdays, Marty is also sitting in with Mr. Soik’s 4th hour “Honors Humanities II” class as they study, among other realities, the art of Western Civilization.  Marty hopes to work with Mr. Soik and his class as they are learning to appreciate historic art forms, and perhaps, even express themselves and their learning with their own art this semester.  Below is Marty’s prep work for meeting with the class on Thursday, February 18th:


Marty is also working to finish and to frame several oil paintings, as you see below…


If you are interested, you can see several finished works of art by Marty hanging in the Art Department display case:

Art Dept Display 02.18.16



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