AiR |Artist-in-Residence Update

This week, AiR|Artist-in-Residence, Marty Carney, has begun a new painting in his studio located in room 17.  Below you see the under-painted canvas which awaits Marty’s next step–applying the outline drawing.


During Art Club this past Tuesday, Marty also created a small abstract painting within the hour, seen below.


This week has also included participating in Mr. Soik’s Honors Humanities II class as they explored the principles of Roman civilization.  In a few weeks Marty will brainstorm with the students creative, “out of the box,” projects which they could potentially create to express what they have learned about Rome.  Below is a snapshot of the class work detailing the principles of Rome.  (To better understand what will eventually become their class assignment, Marty listened and served as a recorder for the discussion as you see below).


Finally, with the help of art teacher, Mr Juarez, Marty has begun a collaboration with Mrs. Heidemann for a potential art project about color and light within her chemistry class. Here’s a view of the notes about that potential project…






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