AiR | Artist-in-Residence Update

This past week has been filled with a variety of creativity with classes at North High School for Artist-in-Residence, Marty Carney.  On Friday, March 11th, a group from Mr. Soik’s Honors Humanities II class chose to participate in an “ArtPlosion” in the OpenSpacesStudio.  The students created images which helped them to integrate their learning about Roman civilization and to prepare to write a major paper.  Below you see the students at work and then several of their finished products.


Students creating in the their “ArtPlosion” work.


HH II ArtPlosion 1

HH II ArtPlosion 3

Then on Thursday, March 17th, Marty  accompanied Mr. Soik and his class to the Jewish synagogue, Congregation Beth El, as they begin to explore the Jewish story as part of Western Civilization.  Below they are exploring Jewish symbols and being told stories about Jewish history by Robert Matzner, congregational leader and local Holocaust survivor.

HH II Beth El 1

HH II Jewish Stories

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