Art Foundations 3 Art Students Exhibit Large-Scale USPS Format Stamps at the Sheboygan Post Office

The Sheboygan North High Art Department is pleased to announce 15 student designed USPS postage stamps are now on display at the Sheboygan Post Office. Congratulations to the following art students: Gwen C (gr. 09), b(gr. 12), Nou Chee M (gr. 12), Keenan V (gr. 11), Kendrew C (gr. 10), Rebecca N (gr. 09), Allison S (gr. 11), Samantha A (gr. 10), Logan S (gr.12), Jacob M (gr. 12), Ranaya J-H (gr. 10), Megan B (gr. 12), Annabelle G (gr. 12), Alexandra O (gr. 10), Taylor S (gr. 10), and Maya B (gr. 10).

These large-scale post stamps measure 16 x 16 inches and were created with colored pencils utilizing 3 different techniques. They will be on display from January 28 – March 1, 2022.

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