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Happy New Year 2017 all!  My residency is winding down and there is still so much to do and create.  It has been an incredibly rich and wonderful time being here. Posted below are some of the current things going on…

This is an image of the large mural we have been working on with Beth and her students. They have finished stage 2, watercolor painting over their drawing. This will be their creation of a winter scene for their large bulletin board in the basement.  Stage 3 to come next week….snow.







The clay work done by several students in now finally out of the kiln and ready to be glazed for their final firing.  You are able to see the detail and objects they impressed into the clay. Stay tuned











Updates on some of the other projects: the postcard project didn’t get off the ground but it is a good idea for possibilities in the future. The elevator proved to be too difficult and late in beginning to tackle.  However, there is a very special project connecting 2 of the classes with students who have extra needs with some of the engineering students. Photos and explanations to come soon… very exciting. The Honors Humanities class with Mr. Soik are working on ArtPlosion final visual art piece to tie together some of the big ideas they discovered in reading and talking with each other. There will be an end of the year book that documents some of their creations, documentations and finds.

My exhibition in up in the NHSARTifacts Gallery on the 2nd floor. There are 18 wooden paintings with an artist statement about the work. There will be a reception this Thursday from 3:45 – 5:00p. Please join us. img_0804img_0802



Artist Liz Ann Lange ends semester long residency at Sheboygan North High School

Liz Ann Lange is about to wrap up her residency at Sheboygan North High School. She is the third artist in residence that we have had in the past 1.5 years. This program is supported by the Sheboygan Area School District and Sheboygan North High School. It is always magical to see student interact with professional artists. There is always a high level of enthusiasm in the air. 

The Sheboygan North High Artist in Residence Program is designed to expose, educate and engage the North High community to local and regional artists each semester during the current academic school year. 

Running time: 9:48

Skype Session with artist, Jay Riggio

Today one of my AP Studio Art student, Mikayla, had the opportunity to  Skype with Brooklyn-based collage artist, Jay Riggio. She recently finished one of her AP Studio projects focusing on ‘atlered realities of Fairy Tales’, which led to this conversation with Jay about his artistic process, influences, time management, source materials, and so on. 

About Jay 

Jay Riggio created his first collage over 15 years ago. His inspiration came from the overwhelming desire to tell a visual story without the classic ability to illustrate.

Drawing on influences from a background in writing and film cinematography, Jay uses images from vintage magazines and books to create collages that explore his interpretations on life, love, humanity, humor and dreams.

Using an X-acto knife, scissors, and glue, Jay’s pieces bring together unrelated images that create unique visual perspectives. His collages have been featured in galleries throughout the US and around the world.

Jay currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Follow him on Instagram. @jayriggioart

Follow him on Tumblr.

Text: courtesy of the artist. 

Artist Reception for NHS Resident Artist, Sara Willadsen

Join us as we celebrate Sara & her art. Her reception is scheduled for Friday, May 29th from 3:45 – 5:00pm at the 2nd Floor Gallery at Sheboygan North High School.

Sara has worked with several NHS teachers, staff, and students throughout her 2nd semester residency. 

To learn about Sara visit:


Open to the public. 



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Patty Aker visits Sheboygan North High Art Department

The Artist Lecture Series is an in-school program at Sheboygan North High School that invites local and regional visual artists to share their journey as artists with the beginning, intermediate, and advanced art classes. Visiting artists present and expose art students to such as but not limited to: a digital portfolio, actual artworks, talk about about careers, and the opportunity to interact with the artists. This program is organized by the Sheboygan North High Art Department. 

This semester we invited the following artists to participate in our Artist Lecture Series: Sara Willadsen (Sheboygan Falls), Molly Sampson (Green Bay), Amy Jarvis (Fond du Lac), Marty Carney (Sheboygan Falls), and Patty Aker (Cleveland). This series is offered in the Fall Semester of each school year. 

If you would like to be considered for this in-school program contact Frank Juarez, art department chair, at fjuarez(at)

About Patty Aker

Growing up in England in the Swing’ 60’s exposed Patty Aker to the glamour of that era. At the beginning of the Millennium, she returned to college to pursue her passion for art and fiber. She attended class at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and the University of Wisconsin Sheboygan.

Her current work started when asked to create a baptismal banner for her church. She endeavored to paint the banner on silk. The project took many months of trial and error. The experience was so wonderful and addictive that it has spurned a cottage business venture, Gaelic Sands.

Painting and sharing art experiences, learning new techniques and teaching silk painting workshops are a crucial part of her world.

Photos from her artist talk & demonstration. Courtesy of the NHS Art Department. 



The End is Fast Approaching

We are about 97% finished with the AIDA banners. The only thing that is needed are the addition of text and minor finishing touches. Working on this project was not an easy task for this group of art students working with different personalities and various degrees of work ethic and not to mention motivation. Overall, the banners are turning out great. I cannot wait to unveil them.

submitted by: Mr. Juarez

The Egyptian Ladies

We have finished drawing the entire design and have started painting. It’s really going pretty good. We have started on the skin tone, and the other shade of brown on the type. Of course gold, the gold it really a really cool color, all shiny and what not, but the gold is oil based, which means that it dose NOT come off you hands like acrylic. We are doing good on progress and will finish on time if not earlier. This is going to turn out amazing. We have and awesome group and every one works well together.

submitted by: Annya E.

Thee Egyptian Ladies

Hey, do you wonder what’s new with Thee Egyptian Ladies? Well so far, we’ve traced the drawing onto the canvas, and are preparing the paint. Now the thought of just looking at the image and drawing it onto the canvas was a bit challenging, so we made a grid to help us effectively scale the egyptian female. The result was magnificant, and now our next step is painting. So until next time, best of luck to us!

Work in progress

Submitted by: Minah L

13 by 6ft canvas is BIG

All groups have received their 13 by 6ft canvas. When thinking about the size, it doesn’t seem so big, but once its in front of you its so much bigger! We all had to do a coat of white paint in the middle where we are going to be putting our drawings so that the color sticks better and so that when drawing lines and such to sketch, they are more easily erased. Most of us have started doing our sketch onto the canvas. We are all excited to actually start painting and putting on details. :]

Each group had to do 2 sketches, and all the sketches were submitted to Mrs. Henderson and from there her group picked out which ones would work best for the play.

Sequence of the final design banners!

Submitted by: Kaylee O.