Skype Session with artist, Jay Riggio

Today one of my AP Studio Art student, Mikayla, had the opportunity to  Skype with Brooklyn-based collage artist, Jay Riggio. She recently finished one of her AP Studio projects focusing on ‘atlered realities of Fairy Tales’, which led to this conversation with Jay about his artistic process, influences, time management, source materials, and so on. 

About Jay 

Jay Riggio created his first collage over 15 years ago. His inspiration came from the overwhelming desire to tell a visual story without the classic ability to illustrate.

Drawing on influences from a background in writing and film cinematography, Jay uses images from vintage magazines and books to create collages that explore his interpretations on life, love, humanity, humor and dreams.

Using an X-acto knife, scissors, and glue, Jay’s pieces bring together unrelated images that create unique visual perspectives. His collages have been featured in galleries throughout the US and around the world.

Jay currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Follow him on Instagram. @jayriggioart

Follow him on Tumblr.

Text: courtesy of the artist. 

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