Sheboygan North High School Art Department Welcomes Art Teacher Mrs. Arneson

Image courtesy of Mrs. Arneson

Mrs. Arneson is excited to start her 20th year teaching art! This year she joins both Sheboygan North High and CHANGE Academy after spending the last 19 years teaching art to all ages K-12, in Howards Grove. In addition to being a Howards Grove alumni, she received her Bachelor of Arts from St. Norbert College (2003), License in Art Education from UW-Green Bay/CESA 7 (2004,) and Master of Education in Professional Development from UW- Lacrosse (2010). Mrs. Arneson has been a Nationally Board Certified Art Educator and licensed WI Master Educator since 2017. She is a freelance professional artist and graphic designer.

When she is not in the art classroom, you can find Mrs. Arneson… well, all over. She remains busy with her three sons, husband, and dog at numerous sporting events, outdoor explorations, home improvements, and traveling in wonderlust. She appreciates noise, chaos, and never-ending projects as the entertaining parts of life. In her downtime, she likes to paint (oil is her favorite), draw in ink, or experiment with all types of art media in her home studio.

Philosophy of Education

Mrs. Arneson is a genuine, dedicated, versatile educator that seeks to create connections for, and with, students to embrace the necessity of creative thinking, the courage to create, and the understanding of the comprehensive nature of art as essential to the human spirit.

As part of her own curious personality and quest to learn, she whole-heartedly enjoys getting to know her students and learning about their backgrounds. As a former collegiate athlete, she recognizes that developing individual fundamentals is important; however, the ultimate success of a group, team, or class, depends upon how well the individuals can function together and grow. This understanding drives her to set a safe space in the classroom in which all are valued and supported. She finds being an art educator a huge honor to provide a collaborative platform in which individual creativity can be launched! Her students’ ideas continue to inspire her daily and give her hope in which their artistic voices will create positive change and impact the future.

Mrs. Arneson will be teaching Art Foundations 1/2 and Senior Art 1/2 for the 2022-2023 school year.

Mrs. Arneson’s Art

Welcome Angela Johnson, Fall 2021 NHS Artist-In-Residence

Angela Johnson, Artist

The NHS art department is pleased to announce its fall artist-in-residence. Angela Johnson is a professional artistcreativity coach and educator based in Madison, Wisconsin.  She earned a master’s in Art Education, an MA in Art and an MFA with a focus in photography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Due to the nature of the pandemic, we have extended the option to artists to do their residency in-person or virtual. Angela will be virtual.

Click here to learn about Angela.

The 2021-2022 Sheboygan North High Artist-in-Residency Program is supported by a grant from the Kohler Foundation, Inc.

High School Art Spring Exhibition at EBCO ArtWorks

High School Art Spring Exhibition at EBCO ArtWorks

April 5 – 13, 2019

EBCO ArtWorks, 1201 Erie Avenue, Sheboygan, WI 53081

Artist reception: Friday, April 5, 6-8pm

Press Release

Sheboygan, Wisconsin (March 8, 2019) – Central High, Sheboygan North High, Sheboygan South High, and Tower Program are pleased to present “High School Art Spring Exhibition”, an exhibition featuring artwork from high school students.

This high school art exhibition celebrates the creative vision and artistic voice of our student artists. It will feature 100+ pieces of student artwork created this school year based on the art teacher’s respective high school art curriculum. It will also feature works created outside of the classroom. Works will range from traditional media to experimental media including drawings, paintings, mixed media, collage, fashion, 3-D works, and so on. Art teachers participating are Lizabeth Higgins (Tower), Frank Juarez (Sheboygan North), Antoinette Mattern (Central), and Brian Sommersberger (Sheboygan South). This is their first collaborative art exhibition bringing four art programs together.

This exhibition runs from April 5 – April 13, 2019, with areception on Friday, April 5 from 6-8pm. EBCO ArtWorks is located at 1201 Erie Avenue, Sheboygan, WI 53081. Come meet the student artists and their art teachers. The gallery will be open on Saturdays, April 6 and April 13 from 11am-1pm.

For further information on this exhibitionplease contact Brian Sommersberger at








EXPO recap

The art department participated in the 2016 EXPO. Once again we offered face painting and a nice collection of student artwork. Such a fab evening to be a Raider!!!

A huge thanks to our student artists and art teacher, Mrs. Mattern for making this evening special. 

What does a mask say about you?

What does a mask say about you?  Or about the person wearing it?

Last quarter 3D Design students designed and created their very own Identity Masks to illustrate whatever they wanted to communicate with the public. Materials used were cardboard, paper mache, gesso, and acrylic paints. Some students’ work were based on their interests while others took a personal approach and took this opportunity to say something about him/herself. 


K. Luther

My name is Kat, at least that’s what a lot of people know me by. I am a junior and have been to 3 different high schools, I have never really fit in where ever I’ve gone and always kind of felt left out of things. I came to North for a fresh start and I got it. People always wonder what’s behind my mask I put on.

I interpreted what’s behind my facade with this mask. I added some random details that may be weird to some but have meaning to me, like the spikes. The top spikes represent my confusion, mainly done by placement. The color theme is for my over active brain. Purple is my fear. Black is my anger, which on the surface is very hidden, but inside I fight violent urges all the time in my quest to achieve peace.

The black inside of the mouth is how it feels when I try to speak, like I say nothing. I guess my mask represents my hidden pain that I hide.





My mask doesn’t represent anything all that much. I made it look like a bear, but colored it blue with white markings. The blue color is supposed to represent the calmness of bears, but the white markings represents innocence . I made the mask so I could wear it only on my face, the mask is held in place and fits perfectly which also covers the entire head. There could be be a deeper meaning about the mask and colors used but couldn’t think of a deeper meaning.




My Character’s  name is Void. He trained with the Spartans and killed his master Raz Al’ Ghul so that he could become the most powerful warrior. He has a brother named Slade. His brother is an Australian soldier that was injected with a cyrum called mirakuru. It gave him strength and power to kill with a single punch. Void was also injected with the same cyrum and had the potential to regenerate quickly. Void is a legit immortal. The brothers had a duel and Void had his brother killed with his own sword right through the eye. Slade was no match for void and his sword.

Another enemy has entered this world of Void and threatened to hunt Void down because rumor has it that he has everlasting life. Rattlehead is the master death. He is capable of taking a mortal’s life and eating its soul by piercing them with his sword through the heart. They began to battle and clashing swords. Void managed to cut his left hand off causing him to lose some of his souls he has taken. At the end we both clashed swords and we both were turned into stones.

To be continued……………




The mask goes by many names. But all know its true name: Darkness. The mask was once worn by Rattlehead, The master of Death. After thousands of years, the mask became the symbol of destruction and destruction. All that proves that it once truly was real is the replica of it that was found, and of his sword, Soul Reaper.

In the age before machines, all feared dying. Rattlehead enjoyed killing all,, even if they are not to die yet. After thousands of years, he sensed a power of another immortal. He crossed over dimensions to find and slay the power to take as his own. The being was known as Void. A strange being who became immortal. As the two clashed, an explosion erupted and the two vanished from the realm, never to be seen again.



C. Hartley








John Michael Kohler Arts Center Youth Art Month 2016

YAMPC4_BirdzCongratulations to senior, Jamie X, for being selected as one of four students whose work is featured on this year’s JMKAC YAM Postcard. You can see this piece along with 300+ others on Sunday, February 21. There is a student reception from 11am-3pm at 608 New York Avenue in Sheboygan. 

Come celebrate the success of these fab art students from across the county. 

postcard courtesy of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center


Artist Liz Ann Lange ends semester long residency at Sheboygan North High School

Liz Ann Lange is about to wrap up her residency at Sheboygan North High School. She is the third artist in residence that we have had in the past 1.5 years. This program is supported by the Sheboygan Area School District and Sheboygan North High School. It is always magical to see student interact with professional artists. There is always a high level of enthusiasm in the air. 

The Sheboygan North High Artist in Residence Program is designed to expose, educate and engage the North High community to local and regional artists each semester during the current academic school year. 

Running time: 9:48

Artist Reception for NHS Resident Artist, Sara Willadsen

Join us as we celebrate Sara & her art. Her reception is scheduled for Friday, May 29th from 3:45 – 5:00pm at the 2nd Floor Gallery at Sheboygan North High School.

Sara has worked with several NHS teachers, staff, and students throughout her 2nd semester residency. 

To learn about Sara visit:


Open to the public. 



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AIR Happenings as of February 10th

Hello all! I am so happy and honored to be your Artist in Residence this semester! Thank you to Mr. J and the rest of the faculty at NHS for inviting me to be a part of your community.

Much of my work explores the concept of landscape and utilizes found materials to create invented spaces and structures. Below are some views of my new work space as well as a couple in-progress images of what I have been working on since beginning this residency.

If you would like to see some of my work in person, I have a couple small collages and drawings hanging in the display case outside of the art room; feel free to take a look!

I am very excited to be an art resource for the students and faculty as well as have the opportunity to further develop my artistic practice. I will be working in room 17 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8am-4pm, so everyone is always welcome to stop by and check out what I’m working on!

Sara Willadsen