The Art Final

For the past three years, the North High Art Department felt in order for us to get a true assessment on student learning we administered a written final examination.  Below is an excerpt along with 2 well-written essays.

Select one unit from above and using the format outlined below, write a minimum of a one-page essaydetailing all aspects of the unit. Each paragraph should consist of 3 sentences and no more than 7 sentences for each bullet item below. The essay should consist of ideas, content, and supporting details. Attention should be paid to voice, word choice, sentence structure and conventions (6-trait writing).

Basic Outline;

  1. Name of Unit
  2. Core Concepts explained in detail
  3. Vocabulary-used, defined and applied
  4. Pre-sketchbook assignment/technique exercises
  5. Assignment details (what did you have to create? end product)
  6. Processes and techniques (what you had to do to make the art piece)
  7. Assessment and Grading Criteria (what specific criteria did your final piece have to contain or demonstrate?)


SAM_4356 SAM_4360 SAM_4362

written by Savannah P

SAM_4364 SAM_4366


Written by Elizabeth M

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