Arist in Residence Happenings as of October 30

Another big week of happenings with the AIR program!  This week Artist in Residence Mel Kolstad was able to see Dr. Michels’ students’ “Mind Maps” that were created in the African/Asian Studies classes during 1st, 2nd and 4th hours!   As you can see, the students put a LOT of work into these pieces, and they turned out wonderfully!  Thanks again so much to Dr. Michels for allowing Mel to visit his classes – what an enriching experiece.

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Mel also got to meet Sara Willadsen, a painter from Sheboygan, who will be the 3rd quarter Artist in Residence!  She gave a talk in Mr. J’s classes, and then she and Mel hung out in the studio for a while.  What a great addition to the North High Art Department!

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