Artist in Residence Happenings as of November 6

What a great week!  Artist in Residence Mel Kolstad was able to hang out with Amy Jarvis, who came to visit before her talk with the Art Foundations kids next week in Mr J’s class, and they were invited back to Dr. Michels’ class for a potlatch, where the students celebrated their successes with food, singing and magic!


Mel also spent some time in the IMC, where Ms. Gloede so generously invited her to take some of the discarded books from the library.  She says she had a wonderful time looking through all the books, and took some for future projects!  One of the pieces that she created includes some old cellophane tape that had yellowed, and she used that as the foundation for this piece.  There is beauty in the mundane!


Mel also used her backpack press to create this 3-color letterpress print.  In a true letterpress studio, the printer would use what’s called a lock-up to secure his or her blocks and cuts.  It’s amazing what rubber bands can do in a pinch!

IMGP7865 Hobo lockup

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