“Reflections on this Moment in Time” – an Art Foundations 4 online exhibition

Galleries, arts center, artist run spaces, and art museums have all closed since mid-March due to the pandemic. Many of which canceled or postponed their exhibitions and events until further notice. At Sheboygan North High School, we have an exhibition space called NHS ARTifacts Gallery, which showcases all of our students’ works from across all content areas. To continue our programming, we’ve put together an online exhibition featuring new works by our Art Foundations 4 students.

The Sheboygan North High Art Department believes that art should be shared beyond the walls of our school. Nowadays, art can be shared through various platforms, many of which are now being used online. We experience art from all over the globe through virtual studio tours to ZOOM artist talks, augmented virtual art exhibitions to social media. This exhibition, “Reflections on this Moment in Time” provided our Art Foundations 4 students the opportunity to use art as a way to reflect, respond, and connect to what is happening right now through their art, their creativity, and their perspective.


Featured artists

6 thoughts on ““Reflections on this Moment in Time” – an Art Foundations 4 online exhibition

  1. Ann M Kohl-Re says:

    THANK YOU so much to these students. I am weeping over these images which tell the stories of isolation and fear – but you students are the hope! I am weeping because you are using your minds and hearts to create something new for us to see and take in! I am so grateful that you are making art. Please keep using your gifts and your minds – you are our hope!!!

  2. Engracia Enriquez says:

    Every art work is communicating a different perspective and a different feeling, but all of them do communicate. My heart went through all these feelings in these last minutes. It helped me to be more authentic to express that yes I feel overwhelmed and sad, and helpless some times, and hopeful often but not always… thanks!

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