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About Patty Aker

Growing up in England in the Swing’ 60’s exposed me to Mary Quant fashion, Twiggy, James Bond and the Beatles.  I was seduced by the glamour of that era.  I pursued a more conventional path and finally in my Autumnal years I am able to explore the fiber arts that tried to lure me years ago.

Various studio experiences and credit classes at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and the University of Wisconsin Sheboygan have enhanced my knowledge and interest.

My fiber art work started when asked to create a baptismal banner for my church. I endeavored to paint on silk. The project took many months of trial and error, but the experience was so wonderful and addictive that it has spurned a cottage venture, Gaelic Sands.

I have exhibited in many juried shows, group and solo shows. Venues include U.W. Sheboygan, Plymouth Art Center, St. Nicholas Hospital,  Inspiration Studios in Milwaukee, the Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts in Fond du Lac, Latitude Art, Sheboygan Visual Artists shows, Lakeshore Art Supplies, JMKAC and many local coffee houses.

Artist Kay Jelinek and I team up to exhibit together as our art is both colorful and abstract. Our art pieces were exhibited at nine venues in the past year.  Kay and I have also juried a couple of shows, one being a WRAP event in Fond du Lac.

I also conduct instructional demonstrations and workshops in galleries and for community organizations.  I teach silk painting and batik at John Michael Kohler Art Center (JMKAC).

I’m particularly happy that in January 2009, I trained as a docent at JMKAC in Sheboygan.  I enjoy the docent workshops with children of all ages.  The continuing training and education provided by JMKAC is unparalleled.  This, plus joining a website based art group surrounds me with enthusiastic art-centered people and provides me with drive and inspiration for my work.   

Patty’s Schedule

Patty will be at Sheboygan North on Mondays and Thursdays from 9am – 2pm.

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Patty’s Artist Statement

Image courtesy of the artist.

My esthetic leans towards simple, modern and dramatic compositions, reflecting on nature’s tessellations.  I admire Master artists such as David Hocking, Sonia Delaunay, Matisse and Picasso!

I enjoy designing abstracts with an organic slant, working with layers of paint and resists and employing different techniques to build on texture.  The result belies the simplicity of my craft.   Occasionally, I include the written word or my favorite poetry to complete a piece.

The love of fashion and sewing draws me to fiber arts.  Silk is my canvas; it is a very forgiving medium.  Colors evolve intensely to produce the drama I want in the fabric.

Painting on silk is such an exciting experience.  The paints are uncontrollable upon touching the silk and take on a life of their own, swirling, pushing, and merging into amazing contortions of vibrant color.  The dye flow is tamed by various methods and the result is always a visual, textural surprise.

Experimentation is endless and after a decade plus of playing and practice, I am still thrilled at every unexpected image or design.

My latest body of work reflects our fragile environment and the impact humans have on the earth, especially bees.  Also, I’m contemplating how heritage and immigration affects relationships within communities. 

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