Drawing/Painting I



Grades 11 & 12                                             

Semester Course – 1/2 credit (can be offered both semesters)

Prerequisites:  Art Foundations 1 & 2, Art Foundations 3 & 4, Drawing Intensive

Drawing/Painting I offers the student an opportunity to work with advanced concepts in drawing and painting techniques in conte crayon, pastels and oil paint as well as a place for exploration, development, and expression of individual style.  Course work is based on state and district standards adopted for the art curriculum.  Active sketchbooks and artist research will focus on compositions that deal with landscape, still life, portraits, nature and abstraction.  Students will develop an increased art vocabulary for responding to class and self-critiques.  Students should expect tests and quizzes on techniques, art vocabulary and concepts.  Students will have the opportunity to attend art exhibits.


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