AiR Update| Artist in Residence | Feb. 11, 2016

Today has been a fruitful day for AiR, the Artist-in-Residence, Marty Carney. This morning he was filmed by a student from the photojournalism as he began a new oil painting. Then Marty will be meeting with the Mr. Soik’s 4th Hour Honors Humanities II class during this Semester to be an artistic/creative resource. Below you see the new oil painting and creative notes from interacting with Mr. Soik and his class.



WAEA Youth Art Month State Art Exhibition in March

Join us in Madison as we celebrate Youth Art Month at the State Capitol on March 11 from 12-1pm. This event showcases 300+ works of art from across the state, middle/high school band performance, keynote speakers, and an awards ceremony. Sheboygan North High School art department will be represented by Teagan Y (gr 9), Kaylee M (gr 11), Natalie M (gr 11), Cole D (gr 12), Noah F (gr 12), and Peta S (gr 12).

YAM Flyer 2016

Still Life drawings by Art Foundations 1

The last project of the Fall semester was a Still Life unit. I enjoy this unit because it pushes the use of value and contrast within the drawing. Overall, my AF1 students did a fab job drawing these objects from real life. Although it wasn’t the most exciting project (from what I have been told) I could see a growth in my students’ drawing skills. 


AiR Update for the week of 11-15 Jan.

by Liz Ann Lange

This week, I had the overwhelming pleasure of working with all 26 of Erin Belongie’s 6th hour Composition class!

When Erin approached me last month about wanting to integrate a visual art form with the topic of the “American Dream,” I thought it might be a fun challenge to apply those concepts by having the students construct their own diorama or reliquary. Continue reading “AiR Update for the week of 11-15 Jan.”