AIR … new projects


Scrap wood cut by students in the wood shop in the basement.

Updates: 1.Still waiting to hear about the elevator project, whether it can go forth and just how.  (crossing fingers)  2. Pen Pal Postcard Project is just about ready for lift off…

While experimenting and playing with different materials, I found an old wooden box I used with clay to make clay paintings with. I put objects in the bottom of the boxes, pressed clay into it and up the sides. When dry enough, I could pop the leather hard clay pieces out of the box form and have this clay impressed work. Here are 2 examples of ones I created here.


It occurred to me that these pieces might be a wonderful individual project to work on with students of any ability.  So I decided to build more boxes so I can have more than 2 students work at a time.  I asked the woodshop that creates bed frames if I could use their scrap wood and if they were able to cut pieces for me.  They agreed and I was able to construct 4 boxes.

While gluing them together I found I had extra scrap pieces I could play with to construct another box like format wall hanging piece. So I thought about composition and form, reflecting on my own work, the state of the country in its anxieties on election day, and the artist Louis Nevelson.  I’d like to explore this more.

…  here are the first 4 pieces I created:


Now I have to make more boxes for students to use.

I did ask 2 students to start the project with me.  I asked them to choose objects that had symbolic meaning to them or they responded to. I then asked them to place them in the bottom of the boxed container and press clay over the top of them and up the sides. It took about 20-30 minutes to complete all the while talking and sharing ideas. This project can be amended for students who may not want to get their hands dirty or we can amend the length of time.

here are some images of their work below:img_0290


Here are the impressions made and the objects used for the project by one of the students. She came in this morning to see how the piece turned out. Next step, let dry thoroughly, bake in the kiln, glaze with color and hang for the show in January.

I hope to include at least 15-20 more students, so if you have any ideas or would like to share this idea in hopes that they may come find me to also create one, please do.

I’m here Tuesdays all day and Thursday mornings.

Be well and follow your heart.

Erica Huntzinger, AIR (Artist In Residence)


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